Free Iran Global Summit: Iran Rising Up for Freedom

"Free Iran Global Summit: Iran Rising Up for Freedom" is a Special Advertising Supplement to The Washington Times.

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'Our nation has paid the price of its freedom'

Inspired by historic summit and solidarity

'Ruling criminals terrified of being overthrown'

Regime fears 'formidable foe'

Race to openness and prosperity

'Your enemy is our enemy'

'World stands united as never before'

'Voices of freedom grow louder'

All eyes on diplomat-terrorist trial

'Achieving milestones toward a free Iran'

'Push the mullahs into the dustbin of history'

Efforts to demonize the MEK exposed

Mullahs' 'days are numbered'

'False narrative' against MEK proves resistance's strides

Iranian bravery shifts momentum: 'Wind at your back'

NCRI up, regime's economy down, Soleimani gone

'Regime never looked weaker, deception no substitute for strength'

'Bright future' awaits Iran

'Your voice matters in the world'

Don't lower the flag on human rights

Regime 'wolfs down enormous budgets in the weapons and nuclear industries'

'Mullahs fear another widespread uprising'

NCRI and MEK leadership unifies, 'opens way to democracy'

Accountability for suppression

'None of these sacrifices are in vain'

Uniting against 'barbaric actions'

'Agenda of freedom, liberty, and economic change'

'Ideology embraces terrorism as a tool of stagecraft'

Pandemic spotlights Mullahs' disregard for Iranian people

'Tehran is losing ground'

Path 'against monstrous tyranny' carved by legacy

'Brave and bold' governments need to stand up to regime

Regime 'tried and failed to kill the messenger'

Shutter embassies acting as terrorism 'launching pads'

'Power is shifting to the Iranian people'

Resistance 'shakes regime to its core'

'Pursue justice' over trade and politics

Overthrow 'policy of hatred'

Congress supports freedom uprisings

'My fellow servicemen and women's blood on [regime's] hands'

'Glimmer of hope [for] safety, dignity and freedom'

No more 'silencing opponents [and] shackling free speech'

Oppressive regime deserves sanctions

'Stand with the people of Iran in the years to come'

'Adversary we were handling too lightly'

Nuclear weapons cannot be allowed

'Without trial, without appeal, and utterly without mercy'

'You are part of our family'

'Resistance and struggle' leads to a 'better future'

'Albanians stand for freedom, liberty, and a free Iran'

Promise of future summit in Tehran

Standing against 'fundamentalism in Albania and abroad'

Admiration for 'Iranian women calling for change and democracy'

Cyberwarfare: Regime's next weapon

'No more appeasement of this Iranian regime'

Regime fears 'strength of [Resistance] ideas'

Mullahs fear 'a tornado of public anger'

'Regime falls from the bottom up'

Mullahs are 'central bank of terrorism,' embassies the 'branch banks'

Firsthand account of Iran's 'profound destabilizing force'

'We must be agents of change'

Close 'spy network' embassies now

'Noble combat' stirs European leaders

'Better world' with a free Iran

Embargo should stand

'Greatness of Iran is still ahead'

End religious persecution and human rights abuses

'Bring meaningful democratic change'

'Equal opportunities for all'

Regime mocks human rights laws

Continue the 'sacred struggle'

The light of hope in Iran

Wake-up call for international community

Role models in Ashraf 3

'High time' for justice and solidarity

United by 'faith in freedom, justice, democracy, and peace'

Regime abandons its people in poverty to fund terror

Uprisings have 'staying power'

'The world must know [and] remember my tortures'

'Life in prison as a child'

'Secrets buried with tortured bodies'

'One must be ready to sacrifice'

'Dozens of Kurds are being executed by this regime'

Break the silence on Iran's COVID-19 crisis

'Path of war, destruction, and violence' leads to 'humanitarian crisis'

'Khomeini is synonymous with terrorism'

'Eradicate this deviant policy from its roots'

United to defeat expansionist policies

'Regime must not stay in power'

Najima Thay Thay - Former Minister of Education of Morocco

Call for Arab countries to support the Iranian Resistance

Take crimes to courts

Rajavi is a 'resolute and strong' leader

Day coming soon that 10-point plan is in effect

Regime 'left innocent people of Iran undefended against pandemic'

'Freedom and democracy will return to your country soon'

Shared values of freedom and democracy

'You are our brothers and sisters'

'The light of the truth can't be destroyed'

'Women who sacrificed their lives for freedom will never be forgotten'

'We should not be silent'

'Quest for freedom in Iran'

'Mutual respect and understanding' in Ashraf 3

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