Thursday, August 13, 2020


Yes, Madame President Rajavi, dear friends, in the history of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, July 17th will be special. Today, we are participating in the world’s largest virtual gathering,102 countries, 30,000 different locations, 200 meetings sizing from 50 to 3,000 participants. Our characteristics of this annual gathering show determination to continue the fight. This organization proves the technical, logistical, and technological capacity of a structure that knows how discipline and method are necessary conditions for the mobilization and success of its old dream for a free and democratic Iran. Because that is the driving force behind this unprecedented event.

Justice, freedom, democracy, this is what it once again demands here today. In this world of uncertainty where everything can change, the Iranian resistance must take its place. It is a major player, a key to the solution. The international community, particularly Europe, must understand that. The Europe I’m talking from and about must be once again with you. It is time for the European Union to take a firm stand condemning human rights violations, particularly in Iran, the highest number of executions, and by subjecting trade with Iran to an end to human rights violations. May we be more determined to lead this essential change by supporting the Iranian people’s desire for regime change and the settlement of a republic based on the separation within religion and the state, based on gender equality, based on freedom of expression.

It is about morality, but it is about security also for us, for Iranian people, and for the region. Here we are not sweet dreamers, we are and have been mayors, congressmen or women, ministers, head of states, head of governments. We know that neither Rome nor Tehran were made in one day. We want our businessman to get richer through commercial contracts. We want our citizens to get jobs through these contracts. But, we know that we will not get any of this by lowering the flag on the human rights front. We must choose the side of humanity. It is with you. Iranians should not fight alone. If we do not react, the heroes of the resistance who have paid so much for the commitment would be isolated.

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