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Illegals not above law, either

Numerous Democrats, from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, to Rep. Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, to Rep. Hakeem Jefferies, chairman of the Democratic Caucus in the House, have all used the same, tired line: "No one is above the law." They specifically like to use this phrase when referring to President Trump and Attorney General William Barr, as it relates to the Mueller report, and the Democrats' ongoing investigations.

Shore up U.S. infrastructure

It speaks volumes about our nation's misplaced priorities that we've spent $60 billion on Iraq's infrastructure reconstruction and $100 billion on Afghanistan's infrastructure reconstruction — more than what was spent on post-World-War-II reconstruction of Germany ($35 billion in today's dollars). Yet here in America we have no such a plan in place to rebuild our own infrastructure.

Trump gets results

With the threat of tariffs just days away, Mexico finally agreed to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants travelling through their country to get to our southern border. The results President Trump gets are amazing. He's been a superior leader compared to at least the past four presidents.

Don't let 'Big Tech' in

The promise of Big Tech was utopian, but the reality is dystopian ("Big Tech unites Democrats, Republicans behind anti-trust crackdown," Web, June 4). The utopian promise was of a world of friends and 'likes' but the dystopian reality is a world of censorship, mind control, Big-Brother-controlled searches, the sale of private information and rule by outraged mobs.

Stop coup attempts now

The left's false bravado in attacking President Trump from every possible perspective is both alarming and criminal. If I were to threaten the president, we can be sure that I would get a visit from the Secret Service and that the FBI would likely want a piece of me as well.

Biden, Trump both flip-floppers

There is not much in common between President Trump and Joe Biden, but one regrettable thread which renders them two peas in a pod is hypocrisy on the issue of abortion rights. Mr. Trump had formerly proclaimed himself "strongly pro-choice." He became "pro-life" for political gain, seeing it as the way to garner support from Republicans, and particularly from people of faith, and it worked. He has gone even further in seeking to make it more difficult for women here and in other countries to secure birth control. (I wonder what those who tout the president's current position on abortion think he would do if one of the women with whom he had affairs had an inconvenient pregnancy.)

Clean house in Congress

The Democratic Party has gone totally nuts. They won't support better protection for our southern border, they won't support deportation of illegal aliens, and they propose to give citizenship to the illegals already here, which only entices more illegals to break through, same as it did the last time they offered the deal.

Real injustice

Let's look clearly at "obstruction of justice." What President Trump's partisan opponents did to him during and after the 2016 election campaign was gross injustice. If there was obstruction by Mr. Trump, it was not of justice but of injustice.

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