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Who's to blame for incitement?

If for five long years a dog is abused, it is understand when said dog finally decides to fight back, biting its abuser. Well, the Democrats conspired and abused President Trump and his 75 million supporters year after year until the masses rose up and protested in Washington. Those scant few who committed crimes at the Capitol last week didn't act or speak on behalf of the law-abiding people who protested.

Accept it: Israel not going anywhere

Are we still ruminating about Israel building homes in areas that will be part of Israel if and when the Palestinian Authority decides to make peace ("Israel announces new settlements, risking Biden's anger," Web, Jan. 11)?

Biden's COVID-19 strategy: hope

So President-elect Biden is going to use all of the available COVID-19 vaccines to provide initial shots to twice as many people -- and hope there is sufficient supply available for the necessary second shots ("Biden will not hold back COVID-19 vaccine doses, will maximize supply as manufacturing catches up," Web, Jan. 8).

Hold oath takers accountable

The first clause of the oath of office for every employee and elected official of the United States reads, "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." The oath's second clause reads, in part, "I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same," meaning that the oath taker "will bear true faith and allegiance to the" Constitution. The presidential oath is different.

Second impeachment try is nonsense

Unfortunately Democrats are attempting another baseless attempt to impeach President Donald Trump. This a political and personal hit job based on the hatred of the president by the Democrats and liberal media. The main contention -- that Mr. Trump incited last week's riot on the Capitol -- has no merit and would not survive in a court of law.

Violence OK in leftist protests?

There has been a great deal of sententious cant denouncing President Trump for his "incitement" of the break-in at the U.S. Capitol building last week. Much of the quivering moral outrage is just so much two-faced humbug.

Mainstream media suddenly aghast

The lawlessness perpetrated at the U.S. Capitol last week should be strongly condemned; it was reprehensible. Equally reprehensible, however, is the newly discovered righteousness of the Democrats and their obsequious myrmidons in the "lamestream" media and Big Tech.

Establish commission on fraud

For over seven months, we have been subjected to devastating and relentless mob violence from Antifa, Black Lives Matternd other "activist" wings of the Democratic Party. The violence has destroyed many once-beautiful cities, such as Portland, and Democrats have clandestinely if not overtly supported it (e.g., Rep. Maxine Waters' barbaric calls for violence against Republicans).

The Post or The Times?

When I saw the front-page headline on my morning paper Jan. 7 ("ASSAULT ON DEMOCRACY") I thought perhaps The Washington Post had been delivered instead of The Washington Times. We the people were at the Capitol by the tens, if not hundreds of thousands, to do just the opposite of assaulting democracy. We were there to preserve our democratic republic.

Dark days ahead

I and most others are saddened by the violence on the Capitol this week, especially by the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed veteran from San Diego. I suspect, however, not many tears were shed among members of "the swamp." For them, things could not have gone any better had they scripted the events themselves.

Hold cheaters accountable

I really hope that every member of Congress and all the state legislatures realize just how important the 2020 presidential election was and continues to be. The level of voter fraud in this election cannot be ignored, and only Congress and the state legislatures can fix the cheating and bring us back from the brink of civil war. As things look right now, these corrupt politicians are going to try to bury the evidence — or just ignore it and hope there will be no consequences.

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