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Turkey no longer a friend

Turkey is a member of NATO and for many years was both an ally and good friend of the United States. Unfortunately, that is no longer true ("Turkey criticizes US freeze on Venezuela assets," Web, Aug. 9). In the past Turkey was a victim and constantly afraid of further Russian aggression. As a result, it was a reliable ally in fighting against communist expansion. It helped us significantly during the Korean War. But it betrayed us during the Gulf War, when it reneged on a pledge and forced our military to attack Kuwait only from the south. While our victory was quick, it would have been even faster had Turkey kept its promise.

Confiscate left's guns

Let's get all registered Democrats, those who have ever given donations to the Democratic Party and all those who have ever voted for a Democrat in the past 20 years, to turn in all of their "assault weapons," handguns, shotguns and any other kind of firearm — immediately. This would include all of the armed personal guards for Democratic politicians. Then, the next time there is a mass shooting, we can be sure it was carried out by a Trump supporter (or at least a Republican). What could be fairer than that?

Wealthy athletes whine, don't give

Miami Dolphins player Kenny Stills' protest over the team owner hosting a private event reminds why I stopped buying NFL tickets and products ("Dolphins' Stills says his criticism of owner isn't political," Web, Aug. 9). We football fans are not paying for a player's politics; we're paying to watch them perform on the field. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has a right to do whatever he wants, and if Mr. Stills disagrees then he should put in a request to move to another team.

Whites don't all assume privilege

As a counseling psychologist and chief of vocational rehabilitation and counseling for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, I counseled many white, service-connected veterans for more than 33 years — and never once heard anyone from this population suggest they were entitled to anything. Granted, some white people may feel entitled by birthright, but tell that to the white majority that makes up the largest percentage, by race, on the poverty index and homeless population in California and New York.

Soccer team has free speech, too

As a longtime sports fan and former athlete, I was disappointed to read your July 14 editorial ("How not to win friends," Web). You assert that the U.S. women's national soccer team's vocal political protests are unpatriotic and damaging to the sport's reputation. In reality, the willingness of the U.S. women's national team to stand up for their political beliefs is embedded in American cultural history.

'AOC' could learn from McConnell

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez protesting a photo of some adolescent supporters wearing Mitch McConnell t-shirts while groping and pretending to choke a cardboard cutout of the constant fame seeker is about as genuine as her economic expertise ("Ocasio-Cortez rips 'Team Mitch' supporters shown choking, groping cutout of her," Web, Aug. 6). Which is to say, nil.

'Red flag' laws would kill U.S.

In the wake of the tragic shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, the big answer to gun violence that is coming out of Washington is "red flag" laws, which allow government law enforcement to kick in your doors without warning or a search warrant and confiscate your guns. This will be done in the name of "public safety."

Laws don't stop evil

As we emerge from a weekend defined by two horrendous mass shootings, I listen to the commentators trying to explain "why." I think the best overarching answer was provided by our second president, John Adams, in 1798: "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

Don't take USPS' word for it

"Reforming the Postal Service" (Web, July 28) points to USPS' shipping and package capabilities as its one redeeming quality amid the agency's rapidly growing losses. USPS' $143 billion in total unfunded liabilities and debt are disregarded as an afterthought -- and apparently so are the nation's taxpayers who may be forced to save the organization.

Teach dangers of hatred

If the president and Congress believe strong background checks on prospective purchasers of guns will be sufficient to stem the increasing terrorist attacks, they are naive ("Trump on guns: Republicans and Dems must come together and 'get strong background checks,'" Web, Aug. 5). The strongest driving force for these massacres has been an unrestricted Internet, over which there is little chance of control.

Without controls, breakdown

There have been two more shootings, and once again the progressive left is blaming the usual suspects: White men, the NRA and firearms. White men are just men, nothing more or less. Being white or black or any other color is meaningless not only in regard to violence, but any other smokescreen the left throws up. Odd, isn't it, that when we talk about "mass shootings" white men get the blame, but when the "mass shootings" are in our largest cities, run by Democrats, and happen every week, progressives look the other way — without blaming men of any other color.

Democratic Party unrecognizable

The second round of Democratic primary debates between 20 officially announced candidates should make both Jewish and non-Jewish voters concerned about the future of our great nation. Candidates refused to criticize fellow Democrats who equate holding facilities for illegal immigrants with the Holocaust. Six million of my Jewish ancestors did not voluntarily attempt to enter into Nazi concentration camps. They did not offer to dress in rags, be slowly starved to death, perform voluntary slave labor and be gassed to death in crematoriums.

Data isn't racist

Law professor Gail Heriot is right to point out that, due to different life experiences, different racial groups have different rates of misbehavior in school ("Threatening teachers' ability to control their classrooms," Web, July 30).

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