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Reporters should behave

Jennifer Harper's recent piece, "Time for journalists to jettison bad behavior" (Web, Jan. 12), is right on. In addition to political deadlock in Washington, we have rampant journalistic piling on.

Iran, at war with U.S. since '79

Victor Davis Hanson and Andrew P. Napolitano provide almost conflicting views in recent Commentary pieces dealing with the ramifications of the targeted killing of Iranian terrorist Qassem Soleimani ("Iran's options in all-out war with America are all bad" and "Can President Trump legally kill a person not engaged in an act of violence?" Web, Jan. 8). To the Iranians, Soleimani was a respected, even loved general, despite having been sanctioned as a terrorist and killer by the European Union, the United Nations and numerous governments.

Soleimani posed grave threat

Never before has an admonition of impending disaster by a Founding Father been more evident than when one reads Andrew Napolitano's op-ed, "Can President Trump legally kill a person not engaged in an act of violence?" (Web, Jan. 8). Thomas Jefferson warned that a democracy would be placed in jeopardy if its electorate became misinformed. This is exactly what Mr. Napolitano tries to do in his piece by attempting to convince readers that his judiciary expertise enables him to adjudicate Mr. Trump's action in killing the world's worst terrorist.

Equality shouldn't be 'dead'

I think it's a shame that the Justice Department considers the Equal Rights Amendment dead ("Justice Department says Equal Rights Amendment is dead; Virginia ratification can't revive it," Web, Jan. 8). We need a new Equal Rights Amendment. We need a national law or constitutional amendment that states that all adult citizens will have the same legal, political and civil rights. It isn't fair for some adult citizens to have certain rights that other adult citizens don't have. Democracy and capitalism would work better if all citizens have equal rights.

Soleimani death a boon

"Can President Trump legally kill a person not engaged in an act of violence?" (Web, Jan. 8) is clearly the biased ranting of a Never Trumper. Namely, it mentions neither the intelligence behind the decision to kill the head of Iran's military nor the initial spontaneous celebrations in Iran when it was learned that the world's leading terrorist had been eliminated. Where was Andrew Napolitano's holier-than-thou attitude when Osama bin Laden was terminated? The United States was originally invited into Iraq to help fight terrorists (the Islamic State); getting rid of a leading terrorist mastermind certainly fits into that role. Mr. Napolitano's commentary is better suited for The Washington Post than The Washington Times.

Press, left praise killers

The accolades heaped on the memories of Iranian Gen. Soleimani and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis by our press is reminiscent of Cher eulogizing the late Sonny Bono, whom she divorced ("Democrats, media face backlash for slamming Trump instead of Soleimani," Web, Jan. 6). But then, our press eulogized the murderous Fidel Casto of Cuba and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, too. Don't forget how Osama bin Laden was the saint of our press at one time. And then there were the Hollywood "friends in high places" who adored Harvey Weinstein, and the Clintons, who bonded with Jeffrey Epstein.

Hypocrite Pelosi

How interesting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so "concerned" about President Trump's decision to take out an Iranian general (a man responsible for the murder of Americans, by the way) — but she supported President Bill Clinton's illegal bombing of Serbia (which never attacked America) in 1999 for 78 days ("Nancy Pelosi: House to trigger War Powers Resolution to limit Trump's retaliation against Iran," Web, Jan. 5).

Well done, President Trump

After 20 years of our brave servicemen being killing and maimed, our great president has killed the killer. Qassem Soleimani was the second in command in Iran's government and a brutal madman. Thank you, President Trump, for having the courage to protect America.

A resolution to keep

Beginning in December and running thru January, newspapers, TV talking heads, the fitness industry and magazine periodicals busy themselves with questionnaires, tips and long-form articles offering advice and cautions about how one can successfully change a behavior. After a few weeks, virtually everyone polled admits that they have fallen off the proverbial resolution wagon. But there is hope for those who are serious, even desperate, to improve their daily lives and self-esteem.

Thank Obama for Iran, Iraq

Thanks to former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden, Iraq is already a fiefdom of Iran ("Neutralizing Soleimani," Web, Jan. 5). Obama/Biden's foreign policy in Iraq was irresponsible and allowed Iran to take political control of the country during U.S. occupation.

Iran's nuclear potential

"'Major retaliation': U.S. vows to target Iran's top leaders if Iran retaliates" (Web, Jan. 5) points at the cascading results of the recent drone killing of Iran's lionized Gen. Qassem Soleimani. The consequences of the killing may well range widely: Escalating rounds of bloody tit-for-tat strikes circling the Middle East, the orchestration of proxy clashes drawing in U.S. and Iranian allies, terrorism against soft and hard targets in Iran's crosshairs, cyber warfare targeting infrastructure and even full-out kinetic war involving Iran proper.

Get rid of Pelosi now

Back in the old days, when a politician abused their office and disrespected the people of the country there was a cry from the masses that they should be run out of town on a rail.

Anti-American Democrats

I'm confused — were the anti-American congressional Democrats actually hoping that the U.S. embassy attack in Iraq had succeeded and lost American lives? If you read their tweets, it sure seems like it. These vermin who inhabit the hallowed halls of Congress make my blood boil daily. I'd love for the president to appoint some of them as ambassadors to our most dangerous embassies so they can see for themselves what it's like. What subhuman disgraces these leftists are.

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