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Media, lose belligerent tone

The media's tone when speaking to President Trump at the daily briefings is belligerent, combative and disrespectful. Meanwhile, their manner is polite and professional when speaking to the experts also at the podium with the president. This conduct borders on suicidal treason.

Prosecute for insider trading

Once again, the powerful ruling class proves that it is shamelessly sneaky in using the classified intelligence its receives on world events to selfishly save its stock portfolios from a looming crisis — a perk the average American is denied ("Sens. Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler sold stock before steep market losses from coronavirus," Web, March 19).

No time for left's divisiveness

I'm an old-fashioned, America-first Democrat who is offended by opponents of President Trump wanting our economy to fail for political advantage. I am disappointed in the media giving celebrities a platform to constantly accuse the president of being a misogynist, homophobe, xenophobe or racist just to exacerbate the hatred and division in our great country. In fact, I find the use of these terms as offensive as the n-word. I dislike my Democratic leaders' hatred of the president and their apparent support of these spiteful individuals.

Replace the Comfort, Mercy

The photo accompanying "Everything you need to know about the hospital ship USNS Comfort deployed to N.Y." (Web, March 18) shows the full force and compassion of the United States wherever and whenever it drops anchor or pulls up to a pier.

Coronavirus is indeed from China

I am getting totally fed up with the politically correct police who refuse to allow anyone to make a statement they think might offend someone. Just who are they to make such a determination and then splash it all over the media? In doing so, they're attempting to belittle that person or group.

Can government save us?

I normally don't agree with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, but he is absolutely correct in invoking World War II/Great Depression rhetoric, arguing that it will take a federal response to mobilize the nation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic ("Bill de Blasio wants 'literally a nationalization' of some private companies over coronavirus," Web, March 16).

Where to go from here

While there may be some question as to where, when and whom to blame for a thus-far, less-than-successful fight against the coronavirus, we must now find the solution rather than affix guilt ("Trump slams media's coronavirus coverage after days of praise," Web, March 18).

Smokers, self-quarantine

Now is prime time for all on the reverberating coronavirus public stages to connect "social distancing" with the longtime dire need for tobacco smokers to surrender their "right" to exhale their public toxic exhaustion. Innocent kids, pets and bus stops have been violated too long by tobacco addicts.

Hoarding is un-American

The coronavirus outbreak has panicked people into hoarding food, paper products and sanitizing compounds. Consumers across the country are conducting binge purchases of these products and most supermarkets are reporting difficulty in restocking these items. The bingeing activity is very un-American.

'Medicare for all' no virus fix

Last Sunday's CNN Democratic presidential debate focused almost exclusively on the question of 'If you were president, what would you do for the coronavirus epidemic?' ("Pandemic forces CNN into a debate unique to campaign cycle," Web, March 15).

Perspective on coronavirus

Don't panic. Put things in perspective. Whenever someone becomes ill or dies from an illness, it is a sad thing. But spreading fear makes things worse. It seems to me that the politicians and the mainstream media are spreading fear about the coronavirus in order to manipulate the public.

Judeo-Christian underpinnings

In North Korea, one poor soul reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus. Unfortunately for him and his family, he was immediately shot and killed. That is North Korea's way of preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Fortunately, America is different and operates under a different set of values. America's values are a reflection of our Judeo-Christian religious beliefs. While those values have been diminishing, they are still a significant part of our nation.

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