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FBI was doing its job

Rudy Giuliani said recently breaking into the home of a former president is a "political act." Those defending the current administration answer that it is a warranted judicial act, not a party attack.

CDC has lost people's trust

People were fired from their jobs, prevented from participating in everyday-life activities and denied medical care -- all for failure to show proof that they received an mRNA shot they didn't want, as required by a mandate euphemistically referred to as "CDC guidance." So much for "My body, my choice."

Justice Department fishing expedition

In his robotic, sanctimonious, no-questions-taken press conference last weekend, Attorney Gen. Merrick Garland said the Justice Department had no alternative to its unannounced, dawn-to-moonlight raid on Mar-a-Lago ("Attorney general's attempts to defend Trump raid fail to quiet GOP attacks," Web, Aug. 14). The urgency, he implied, was too great for any alternative, such as issuing a subpoena or working with the Trump staff.

FBI double standard at play

"Justice Department moves to unseal Trump search warrant; Garland personally approved search" (Web, Aug. 11) stands in sharp contrast to the FBI's allowing Hillary Clinton to bleach and destroy electronic devices. Furthermore, the FBI allowed Mrs. Clinton to have her lawyers delete 33,000 emails from her private unsecured server, a move that resulted in the deletion of at least five classified and 147 work-related emails later recovered from other sources.

Citizens have right to make own guns

Recently Baltimore sued "ghost gun" kit maker Polymer80 for selling to private citizens. In a constitutional republic, only those privileges specifically allowed to public servants can be performed, while all else is absolutely denied.

Left is making Trump a martyr

Democrats are so desperate to prevent former President Donald Trump from running for reelection in 2024 that they are willing to use literally any means available to them -- including the Justice Department -- to prevent it ("Raid at Mar-a-Lago spurs suspicions about a mole in Trumpworld," Web, Aug. 11). In the meantime, criminal wrongdoing by Hunter and Joe Biden and Hillary and Bill Clinton go uninvestigated and unprosecuted.

Aim ire at Biden, not Abbott

New York City Mayor Eric Adams' complaint against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for busing migrants here is misplaced ("Texas starts busing illegal immigrants directly to New York," Web, Aug. 5). Mr. Adams' beef should be with President Biden for allowing these immigrants to come to the U.S. in the first place.

'Win at any cost' will backfire

What happened to "It's the way you play the game that really counts"? Maybe it was never that way. It could be that winning was always the only thing that mattered. But we used to at least pay lip service to the high-minded rules of decorum.

RINOs show true colors after raid

With the Mar-a-Lago raid, the Marxist "Obamunists" are sending a message that they are untouchable ("FBI puts credibility on line with Trump raid," Web, Aug. 9). Period. FBI Director Christopher Wray was arrogant and unapologetic in testimony before the Senate -- and he then used a government plane to fly off to his vacation spot. That was icing on the cake.

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