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NFL keeps dividing people

The NFL allowing the playing of the Black national anthem during opening week along with the National Anthem is just the latest version of modern society ignoring history. This history includes Jim Crow laws and the 1954 Supreme Court ruling against 'separate but equal.'

Don't give up courage, resolve

For years it seems I have been completely wrong about the character and resolve of Canadians and Australians. I had thought their heroics during World War II meant they were made of solid stuff, but after they allowed their governments to virtually disarm them following the strange appearance of COVID-19, it's as though both nations got chemically castrated.

What happened to herd immunity?

As of this week, 63% of the adult population in the United States has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 54% are fully vaccinated. Per the National Institutes of Health, by the end of 2020 a third of the U.S. population (100 million) had natural immunity from having contacted COVID-19 and survived. As of today, I would imagine there at least 30 million more who have natural immunity. I have found no data on the overlap of those who have natural immunity and have also been vaccinated. I am sure there are some.

Biden is ruining America

While various corporate news people spotlight the intense division in America (as the corrupt media cheers), few will report the real story facing this country: the amazing ability of President Biden to create disastrous situations.

COVID-19 treatment is about money

It is interesting that the CEO of Delta Air LInes is so obsessed by COVID-19-related medical costs ("The politicization of the COVID-19 vaccination," Web, Sept. 8). If he were really serious about the health of his employees, he would take a look at the U.S. murder-for-money health-care system. (Note that Democrats want to make murder-for-money free for everyone, and supposedly that would achieve nirvana.)

Choose success over destruction

The Star-Spangled Banner provides the majestic musical/visual symbol of the Constitution I swore to support and defend as a U.S. Navy officer. My indefinitely binding oath requires standing for the national anthem and kneeling to pray for the country.

No working man's president

Joe Biden is clearly of the elitist class of hoity-toity progressives, as are his media acolytes who cover for his mistakes and (not surprisingly) their own. A successful politician must master the skill of retrospective rationalization by changing his story when mistakes occur, and he or she must do so without shame, as naturally as a snake sheds its skin. Progressive group think will provide all the cover their presidential pal requires, for both are part of the squirearchy, a sycophancy of upper-crusters, wealthy hangers-on and other inhabitants of Dante's various circles of hell.

Biden a hypocrite

President Biden professes to be a practicing Catholic, but I find this very hard to believe. The Catholic church opposes all forms of abortion. The Catholic faith holds that a baby's life must be protected beginning at the moment of conception. Last week, when commenting on the new Texas abortion law, Biden made it clear he no longer believes that life begins at conception.

Trump was never the problem

"Frontline" on PBS is of the highest standards, except when it isn't. This means that if the premises are correct, the reporting is insightful; however, sometimes, if the event being covered happened too recently, the focus is misplaced. A good example is "America after 9/11", broadcast this week.

Public servants didn't suffer like rest

The Democratic Party loves spending trillions of dollars we don't have and then just raising the debt ceiling to "cover" the constant shortfall. Michael McKenna ("Let the incompetent Democrats own the shutdown," Web, Sept. 6) is right that the Republicans should not help the Democrats avoid a government shutdown by supporting foolish appropriations and their $3.5-trillion reconciliation package.

Where does virus fit into 'movie'?

The universe as we understand it is a system that exists in space and time ("DIA leads on lab leak theory," Web, Sept. 1). If one were to record it over the nearly 14 billion years since its presumed beginning, it would become a movie.

Biden should stand trial

In my opinion this is not the time to impeach President Joe Biden. It is time overdue, instead, to arrest him and try him for treason. His actions while in office (and the evidence against him since the day of his inauguration) will easily stand up as sufficient to justify a trial by military tribunal.

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