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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Oust Biden before left ruins us

So now the truth comes to the surface: Anthony Fauci is a fraud and by all reports, a traitor ("Follow the money: Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci and the death of hydroxychloroquine," Web, June 9). As things stand, it looks as though COVID-19 was nothing more than a Red Chinese diversion to focus the attention of the American people away from a stolen election to a counterfeit pandemic no more deadly than the yearly flu. This virus was manufactured at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Dr. Fauci helped pay for it with taxpayer money.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: End media-pushed shell game

On one side of our polarized national equation is a comparatively small group of immensely rich, politically powerful men, such as Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who own and control much of our media. This is similar to the robber barons and captains of industry during the late 19th century, except that our current "captains" benefit from government-sponsored, outsourced production which decreases our nation's independence, power and wealth, and increases chronic, irreconcilable national debt.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Implement AI treaty before it's too late

Since atomic and nuclear weapons were developed in the mid-20th century, containing their spread and preventing their use has been a major necessity for national security and civil society. For better or worse, equally powerful and dangerous technologies are likely to be developed in this century, including advanced artificial intelligence.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Say no to divided society

Has anyone else noticed that in the past two years the political left has turned every grievance it has into "racial bias" or a "racist" matter? Critical race theory has resounded in private companies such as Lockheed Martin, in educational institutions throughout the country and in our government (including at the Department of Defense).

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Independence, not statehood

In "Census results show why statehood for Puerto Rico is urgently needed" (Web, June 7) Jose Fuentes cites the reasons why he thinks Puerto Rico should be granted statehood. I strongly disagree with his reasoning and feel there is a better solution for Puerto Rico's future.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Propping up Sleepy Joe

President Biden is probably excluded from the presiding authority of the cabal within the executive branch because it orchestrates his every move and explicitly instructs him on what to do and say. He is a temporary stand-in and surrogate for this political clique. They require his presence to assure their continued power and political machinations.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Anything to defeat Trump

Recent columns by Joseph Curl and Tammy Bruce describe the media's well-coordinated apology for refusing to acknowledge that the COVID-19 virus originated in the Wuhan biological-warfare lab ("Liberal media finally admit canceling Wuhan Lab leak theory because of Trump" and "Media opts for frenzy of cartoonish smears over COVID-19's likely source," Web, June 1). In practiced unison, they attributed their malevolence to animosity toward President Trump.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Will highest court play politics?

Call it Operation Big Omelet. Mucho egg will blanket the faces of anti-Trumpers if the Arizona ballot audit affirms Democratic voter fraud (the results are expected by early July). And more egg will fly if Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin follow suit with their own audits and discover more fraud. My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has produced two videos, "Absolute Proof" and "Absolute Interference," both of which reveal how China hacked into election computers, shifting votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Mr. Lindell plans to file a writ of quo warranto with the Supreme Court, seeking by what authority Joe Biden claims to be president. If the justices agree that votes were shifted from Mr. Trump to Mr. Biden, Mr. Trump is the rightful president. In the meantime the anti-Trump camp is doing all it can to conceal, cancel and downplay the ballot audits and Mr. Lindell videos.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Hydroxychloroquine works

As mentioned in "Trump Derangement Syndrome: Was Hydroxychloroquine unfairly discredited?" (Web, June 2) Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) was dismissed as an effective treatment because then-President Trump spoke of its promise. In fact, the FDA actually banned its use for COVID-19. Almost all studies (NEJM, Lancet, JAMA, etc.) were improperly done when giving the drug to hospitalized patients. These people were already in cytokine storm, and the most important adjuvant therapy, zinc, was not added to their treatment.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: GOP should distance from Trump

Unfortunately most Republicans today continue to be too dependent on former President Donald Trump, a person not worthy of emulating. For that reason, I have formed and trademarked a new organization: the Independent Republican Party. Any registered Republican is welcome to join. There are no dues. The only commitment required is standing up for traditional Republican principles and remaining independent of the influence of Donald Trump.

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