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Real traitors go unnamed

Significantly missing from the Mueller report is the conclusion that the Clinton campaign, the U.S. intelligence community and anti-Trumpers in the British Commonwealth relying on Russian sources colluded to take down then-candidate and now-President Trump using fabricated "fake news" allegations of collusion with Russia.

Gender irrelevant

Hillary Clinton still does not get it, and maybe she never will ("Hillary Clinton: Nancy Pelosi is proof 'it takes a woman' to get the job done," Web, April 17). The race, gender, religion or ethnicity of the person does not matter. Neither does the political party.

Preach outside the choir

At this particular moment I do not prefer Sen. Bernie Sanders as the choice of the Democrats for president of the United States in 2020. I have not made up my mind about whom to support, and I won't until more is known about each candidate. Nevertheless, as someone who has spent his career studying and teaching communication, I applaud Mr. Sanders' decision to do a town hall this past Monday evening inside the Fox News bubble. Mr. Sanders is one of only a small number of Democrats thus far to do so. Eric Swalwell may be the only other to appear on Fox. This is significant rhetorically. A key principle in political communication is that candidates for public office may not be successful by exclusively preaching to the choir. Mr. Sanders has taken this to heart. Moreover, moving outside his comfort zone — to speak to an audience composed of many who do not share his political beliefs — appears to have been successful.

Fire may bring back worshipers

France is the home of many magnificent and ancient cathedrals, such as those in Chartres, Nance, Saint Nazaire, Evereux, Marseille, Nantes and literally a hundred more. However, Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris is the mother of all cathedrals in France and, to many, in all of Europe as well ("Official: Notre Dame faced 'chain-reaction collapse' in fire," Web, April 17).

Don't blame 'global warming'

Unfortunately, you did your readers a great disservice by not clearly identifying the reason that the Isle de Jean Charles in Louisiana is gradually disappearing ("Residents of disappearing Louisiana isle refuse $50 million relocation plan: 'This is my paradise,'" Web, April 16). The article contains much talk about "global warming" and "rising sea levels," when the fact of the matter appears to be that the land is subsiding, a common feature of many muddy islands around the world, well understood through science.

The anti-everything party

Can we all agree that the political left has become anti-everything, with nothing positive to offer beyond attacking the messenger? Just when we thought this was bad enough, the "progressives" show up.

Leadership sorely lacking

Over the past 11 years the House has been in session (i.e., to work) 142 days a year. That's 223 days off. The Senate has averaged 162 days of work a year, which is 203 days a year off.

U.S., Taiwan strategic partners

"Taiwan marks an anniversary" (Web, April 11) correctly points out that the enduring Taiwan-U.S. partnership under the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) framework has proven the linchpin of our bilateral relations. While China's malignant intention to subvert Taiwan and other democracies has drawn the grave concern of the United States, Taiwan has grown into a full-fledged democracy that shares core values with the United States and has enjoyed strong, consistent, bipartisan and bicameral support in Congress for the past 40 years.

Resign now

Though President Trump has been cleared by the Mueller report of any wrongdoing, the House and Senate are still causing problems, including mishandling the border crisis and continuing to go after the president and our allies. This country has real issues that won't be solved by the current Congress. The 535 members of both houses should make history and resign en masse, letting all new members fix the border crisis. Prior to resigning, all current hearings should be cancelled. The American people don't want the dysfunctional distraction that is our current government.

'Health care for all' a lie

"Waiting for surgery and medical treatment" (Web, April 11) is another so-called health-care-country comparison that completely misses the point. Whether it is Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia or any of a number of socialized-medicine countries, all are abject failures when it comes to public health.

Barr doing his job

We finally have an attorney general who is standing up for the spirit and letter of the rule of law as required by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Nancy Pelosi and the unhinged Democrats are wrong when they say the William Barr is acting to protect the president and not the country. By protecting due process and the rule of law he is protecting the country and every citizen from the overreach and extra-constitutional behavior of the Justice Department, FBI and the national intelligence agencies and their political enablers.

Clean house in 2020

Congress must stop throwing away taxpayers' money. Lawmakers have carelessly driven us into $22-plus trillion (and growing) of debt while ignoring Congress' primary duty to secure the safety of the American people.

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