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King tried to protect himself, too

In 1956, the Ku Klux Klan tried to kill Martin Luther King Jr. by blowing up his home with his family and him in it. King then went to the local sheriff, a Democrat, to buy a gun license so he could legally own a gun — and he was denied the privilege.

We deserve better than left gives

The talking fire hydrant, Rep. Jerry Nadler, recently referred to the violence in Portland as a myth ("Rep. Jerry Nadler says Antifa violence in Portland a 'myth,'" Web, July 27). It is unbelievable that an elected official of our government can ignore not only the visual evidence, but also his oath of office to protect the U.S. Constitution and the laws of our nation, which incidentally are made by our elected officials.

Start using force in Portland

After 100 nights of attacks on federal law-enforcement officials protecting federal buildings, these individuals are being called storm troopers by Democratic leaders. If you look at most of the BLM and Antifa "protesters" and vandals, they're the ones who look and act like Nazi brown shirts from 1930s Germany.

Virginia should waive late fees

The Trump administration delayed filing and payment deadlines for taxes from the usual April 15 deadline to July 15 due to COVID-19. Many states delayed their deadline to match the federal one. However, Virginia did not align with the federal date, setting its new date to May 30. This resulted in many Virginians, including my family, missing the deadline — which meant penalty and interest charges. It turns out West Virginia also penalized their taxpayers for not filing at the time of the IRS deadline. Other neighboring states (Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina and D.C.) changed their filing dates to match the July 15 IRS date.

Many 'real' Black conservatives

I got a bad taste in my mouth as I read Raynard Jackson's op-ed, "Are Blacks welcomed in the conservative movement?" (Web, July 22). Mr. Jackson asks, "Am I the only one who has noticed that our congressional leadership has yet to call any 'real' Black conservatives to seek their guidance as to how to navigate this thorny issue of race?" By asking this, Mr. Jackson is dismissing as not "real" Adam West, Justice Clarence Thomas, Vice Adm. Jerome Edwards, Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum (the co-founders of the Blexit movement), Condoleezza Rice, Dr. Ben Carson and myriad other Black conservatives who are popping up all over the place using media outlets to make a difference. These individuals are all Black conservatives with a voice.

BLM built on a lie

It's a crazy world we're living in. On the opening night of the delayed 2020 baseball season, I spotted the New York Yankees wearing "Black Lives Matter" batting-practice shirts during their pre-game warmups. It appears the entire team was unanimous in making this decision.

Mask 'investigation' ludicrous

So the D.C. political regime wants to investigate the president of the United States for allegedly not wearing a mask to a function held at a hotel ("Trump's maskless appearance in his D.C. hotel sparks investigation," Web, July 23). This, of course, is a canard.

End mobs' destruction

It's been almost two months of anarchy and riots, destruction and mayhem — and the United States is the target of the largest show of destruction seen in a lifetime. The problem is in Democrat-run cities across this nation, which have no ability to control what is going on and no desire to put an end to it.

'Cancel culture' brings destruction

Federal police officers sent to protect federal property in large Democrat-controlled cities are not U.S. Army troops, as falsely claimed by Democrats, nor do they incite riots. President Trump is successfully rebuilding the economy and America from devastation by the Chinese Wuhan virus as Democratic Party-supported riots and destruction threaten America. Liberal lawmakers are destabilizing and willingly surrendering our country to rioting mobs, helping them destroy monuments, attack police officers, burn stores and set up occupied zones. In wrongheaded acts of appeasement, liberal state and city leaders refuse to take action against criminals who are destroying private property, harming helpless people and shooting innocents.

Obama, Biden have zero solutions

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are classless prima donnas who are legends only in their own minds. I don't recall any former presidents or vice presidents before them going on the record to defend their scandal-filled administrations ("Barack Obama joins Joe Biden for 'socially distant conversation,'" Web, July 22).

Police needed for law, order

While every nationality has suffered some form of discrimination, racial intolerance of Black Americans has been particularly bad. After centuries of slavery, the institution was abolished — but it perpetuated institutionalized racism on a population struggling to gain a sense of normal family life and values while remaining mostly in perpetual poverty. This is a societal problem, not just a problem among police officers.

Fauci's no health hero

Dr. Anthony "Strangelove" Fauci may be the left's superhero, but his total failure to guide us toward the improvement of our immune systems and general health cries out for scrutiny. It is now thought that a healthy "gut," with a diverse community of microbes, is up to 80% of our immune system.

Biden couldn't do Trump's job

Vitriol against the president and his 'demeanor' fits exactly the mold of radicals, rioters, looters, anarchists and cowardly Black Lives Matter hyenas now nightly assaulting American values and rule of law in U.S. cities. Mayors and governors in Oregon and other states have abandoned their oaths of office to support (in fact, they even encourage) these acts of sedition by so-called "protesters." In contrast, by upholding the oath of office every president takes, President Trump has acted decisively and well within his authority to send federal troops to cities of mayhem to protect federal property, law-abiding private citizens and private property from mobs brazened and cheered on by the nonfeasance of their elected officials.

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