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Israel won't be bullied

Israel will not be annexing the "occupied West Bank" ("Israel's daunting decision on drawing permanent borders," Web, May 19). The Israeli government will be formally delineating its borders in the disputed areas of Judea and Samaria.

Azerbaijan stands in way of peace

The Armenian side fully backs the Royce-Engel peace proposal, a bipartisan U.S. congressional initiative to deploy internationally monitored gunfire locators and add international observers along the line of contact. It is Azerbaijan -- and Azerbaijan alone -- that is blocking these common-sense measures to promote transparency, precisely because it fears facing accountability for its cease-fire violations. It's simple logic: Only the party initiating attacks would oppose the use of technology that identifies the ceasefire violator.

Vaccine will make rich richer

Was the COVID-19 overreaction a prelude to a mandatory vaccine? Of course it was, as it will bring enormous profits to selected pharmaceutical companies (more than likely those companies in which Bill Gates has a significant shareholding interest). It doesn't make sense to destroy economic activity all over the world to impose lengthy lockdowns when we are not dealing with a Black-Death-type scenario.

Vote to restore freedoms

Obama administration leadership was responsible for the costly use of false information to investigate Donald Trump and his staff for supposed collusion with Russia, in a robust attempt to prevent Trump from being elected (and later, to remove him from office). The Democrat-led House used unprecedented tactics to impeach President Trump without factual evidence. Fortunately the Senate voted against the impeachment.

No impeachment 2.0

If the Democrats are planning another round of impeachment games, they'd better first consider moving to another country more suitable to their antics, perhaps Venezuela.

Cities, towns in desperate need

Kay C. James' recent piece on federal assistance for states misstates the cause of the dire financial situation facing cities, towns and villages across America ("Do not bailout states for years of fiscal mismanagement," Web, May 18). Contrary to the author's assertions, it is the unprecedented, bipartisan shutdown of our nation's economy that has crunched the budgets of cities of all shapes and sizes, both urban and rural, and of all political stripes.

Clintons behind leftist moves

Sadly, the inevitable is about to unfold: Bill and Hillary's quest for a third White House term, most likely as Joe Biden's running mate or his replacement via a Clinton-brokered Democratic "convention."

Obama pandemic 'plan' a joke

Someone needs to go on TV and expose the falsehoods in the recent on-air statements of Center for Global Development fellow Jeremy Konyndyk, who was interviewed on CNN. Mr Konyndyk was challenging the statement Sen. Mitch McConnell made about the lack of any pandemic plan provided by the Obama administration.

First fix freedom quashing

Recent reports of the Department of Justice addressing Google's competitive posture in the online advertising market and the abuses of Obama administration officials in connection with the 2016 election, culminating in the unwarranted prosecution of Gen. Flynn, give me -- and hopefully all readers -- reason for concern. Yes, as a legal matter, these topics should be addressed. But now is not the time.

'Transformation' at all costs

Why is there so much hatred for President Trump, hatred that started before he was even inaugurated? Was it because he beat Hillary Clinton or because of his many promises -- to build a border wall, bring back jobs from China, cancel the Iran nuclear pact, "drain the swamp" and stop American from becoming a socialist nation? Wasn't it President Obama who, five days before his own inauguration, said that we were five days from 'fundamentally transforming' America? How many knew what that meant? Was Mr. Trump perceived as a threat to this transformation?

Decorum vs. economic health

Should President Trump's deportment be the overriding political issue of the coming election? Wouldn't a comparison of what his opponent has done and plans to do for American citizens make for more valid and beneficial criteria?

Obama should testify about Flynn

Is there any serious reason why former President Obama should not be subpoenaed to testify before the Senate committees investing those 39 "unmaskings" of retired Lt. Gen. Flynn's name in classified intelligence documents?

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