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Good riddance to Ben & Jerry's

Ben and Jerry were two men who made ice cream in Vermont long ago. Today's owners are taking themselves seriously and have decided to display their ignorance for all the world to see ("Ben & Jerry's boycott of settlements condemned by Israel officials," Web, July 19.

Bezos money well spent

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and world's wealthiest man, announced Tuesday after flying to the edge of space that he was awarding $100 million each to CNN contributor Van Jones and chef Jose Andres. Bezos said that Jones and Andres were free to do "what they want" with the money. "They can give it all to their own charity or they can share the wealth. It is up to them." The money, Bezos said, was tied to a "surprise" philanthropic initiative he called the "Courage and Civility Award."

Cancel Olympics

The COVID-19 news coming out of Tokyo is alarming. At the time of this writing, the number of Olympic athletes and staff testing postive for the virus is 61. How many more need to be identified before the games are postponed?

Keep opinions out of news

I have subscribed to the Washington Times since it first started publishing, and I have always been pleased that the editorial comments have appeared in the Commentary section, not the news sections. I am therefore dismayed by what I can only call editorializing in what was supposed to be a recent news story in the Times.

The left, not Jan. 6, the big threat

How much longer is the American public going to allow the farce that is the Biden administration to go on? It was supposedly voted in on the premise that it would unify a divided country. Then why is there still a congressional Black caucus, and why are there demands for a Black national anthem sung along with the Star Spangled Banner at events? Why are minorities given privilege status by liberals?

Biden destroying U.S. all on own

The U.N. harbors some of the worst human rights violators in the world. China mercilessly persecutes Falun Gong practitioners and harvests their organs for sale on the open market. Iran persecutes Baha'i believers and is a leading sponsor of terrorism. And Venezuela and North Korea routinely starve their people to death. These are the countries that are supposed to "investigate" the U.S.?

On Cuba, left foulest of hypocrites

As the U.S. finalizes its withdrawal from Afghanistan, the fate of the thousands of Afghans who helped the Americans hangs in the balance. The people of Cuba are rising up in righteous indignation against the Communist system that has oppressed them for decades. They chant slogans of freedom and some carry American flags. Yet the American response to this outburst of liberty has been tepid at best.

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