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In left's war, Virginia taxpayers lose

If their first joint appearance (debate is too generous a word) is any indication, Virginia's gubernatorial Democratic primary candidates are caught in their own self-righteous echo chamber, assuming no one else will notice or care ("McAuliffe takes jabs from fellow Democrats in debate," Web, April 6). Boasting of cosmetic diversity while enforcing lockstep uniformity on whatever left-wing fad emerges, they attempted to outdo each other. Death-penalty repeal, marijuana legalization, unlimited abortion and ex-felons voting are only the start. One candidate boasted of colluding with teachers' unions to keep schools closed, but it could have been any one of them. The party's pell-mell rush to undo the positive reforms of the past few decades, including a dramatic reduction in violent crime, is disheartening, to say the least.

Tlaib wrong on police comment

Rep. Rashida Tlaib made an erroneous and idiotic comment on Twitter following the shooting of a 20-year-old Black man by a police officer in Minnesota ("'Squad' member demands 'no more policing' after Daunte Wright death: 'It can't be reformed,'" Web, April 12). It seems the officer shot and killed the man, Daunte Wright, by mistake. She has been fired. It was reported that the officer meant to use a stun gun but instead had an actual gun.

Biden projects need China backing

Thomas Jefferson, our third president, explained that infrastructure improvements could only be accomplished by the states. To change this, a Constitutional Convention would be needed because, as James Madison said, the enumerated powers given to the national government did not include the ability to build things such as roads and canals.

Get rid of McConnell now

Donald Trump is right: Mitch "Turtle Head" McConnell is a moron and has to go. The man who gave us Thad Cochran, shilled for the chamber of communists and got rich from the Chinese hates America as much as 'Speaker Polygrip' and 'Cryin' Chuck.'

Change language in reporting

Since the Jan. 6 incursion into the U.S. Capitol, The Washington Times has repeatedly used inflammatory rhetoric to characterize the event. Calling the criminality "an insurrection," writing that "the riot left five people dead," describing the event as a "deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol," etc., was not in keeping with the facts known at the time of printing, but did serve to paint a consistent (and false) narrative.

Whites not inherently racist

I was brought up Roman Catholic. I was baptized as an infant to be absolved of original sin. What sin I had perpetrated, I could never completely understand. Later in life, it was vaguely explained to me. I accepted it and was grateful for being forgiven.

Why not ban cars, too?

There has been a recent rash of people using their cars to attack, hurt and kill innocent civilians. Where is the outrage? Why aren't the gun-control advocates going after our cars? Anyone can own or rent one and no background checks are required. Anti-gun activists should be filing legal action against the big three car makers and all of the imports as well.

Biden's abysmal presidential record

I just turned 76, I'm a lifelong independent voter and I'm not in the best of health. I have voted for Democrats and Republicans in my 55 voting years, but our current president's stance on immigration has left me totally beside myself.

The cover-up continues

Joe Biden's meeting with Chinese leaders in Alaska was really not "the first tangible sign that something had gone wrong ("Biden showing weakness both at home and abroad," Web, March 27). It has been obvious for years that Biden was not a viable candidate for the most important job in the world.

Uncontrolled influx a disaster for U.S.

America is facing a worsening crisis of uncontrolled illegal immigration ignited by the radical Biden immigration agenda. Less than 100 days into the Biden presidency, we are witnessing a deeply destructive "Biden effect" at our southern border, as his radical immigration agenda has become a magnet for renewed illegal immigration. By reversing the positive immigration policy changes made by the Trump administration, the "Biden effect" is a growing disaster for America.

Attacks on one party threaten all parties

I was shocked when I read the editorial "Mr. Gaetz, maybe it's time to go" (Web, April 5), calling for the Republican representative to consider resigning. The recommendation is based on unproven charges by a female and by "two individuals who have chosen to remain anonymous." I never thought I would see something like this on the pages of The Washington Times. Hasn't this nation been through enough smear tactics that have included "anonymous sources?" And once again, it happens to be a Republican facing the accusations.

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