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Fire incompetents now

I believe there is significant benefit in having a government composed of people who look like the country, and I applaud President Biden for his push in that direction.

Keep our press free

The case against Julian Assange is a threat to the First Amendment's press-freedom protections ("New York Times, other newspapers pen open letter calling on feds to stop prosecution of Assange," Web, Nov. 29).

Some regulation is necessary

Andrew Napolitano is off-base in his opposition to regulations ("Government by experts: All regulations interfere with personal liberty," Web, Jan. 11).

Kerry's climate about-face

Thank you for the recent editorial "For 'select' at Davos, money is key to staying cool" (Web, Jan. 23).

Vaccine toxicity was known

How interesting that Dr. Erik R. Swenson has noticed the death rate for COVID-19 remains too high ("FDA should approve more therapeutics to prevent COVID-19 deaths," Web, Jan. 23).

Letter to the editor: Document problem far-reaching

With the revelation that former Vice President Mike Pence has classified material at his home in Indiana, it appears that current classified-material protection practices by politicos is far from effective ("Pence classified document revelations complicate probes of Biden, Trump," Web, Jan. 24).

Make thieves pay interest, too

All military veterans and taxpayers should be appalled by the story "Woman stole nearly 50 years of VA benefits by pretending to be her dead mother" (Web, Jan. 23).

Nation's moral compass is broken

I'm certainly not surprised that a 6-year-old carried a loaded firearm into school and shot his teacher ("Parents want to know how boy who shot Virginia teacher still had gun after backpack search," Web, Jan. 16).

Take back right to free speech

When did it become acceptable for us to allow our First Amendment freedom of speech to be thrown down a deep, dark hole?

Democrats turn on Biden

When President Biden belatedly disclosed classified documents at his Washington think tank, he no doubt hoped he had dealt with his sole problem.

Letter to the editor: 'No regrets' Biden

President Biden actually has the gall to say that he has no regrets about not disclosing the classified documents in his possession before the midterm elections ("Biden says he has 'no regrets' about keeping public in dark about classified documents," Web, Jan. 19).

Vacate debt limit

The current debt limit is not an incorporated feature of the Constitution.

Address mental illness

Another mass shooting, this time in Monterey Park, California, at a Lunar New Year celebration, results in calls for gun control at different levels of our society ("Suspect in Monterey Park, Calif. shooting found dead inside white van," Web, Jan. 22).

Sacrificing Biden to get Trump

Never letting a crisis go to waste has been the political left's maxim, but to orchestrate a crisis with the sole intention of using it to destroy a former president is malevolence in its most basic form.

Hold Algeria accountable, too

World powers are on the verge of designating that Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism due to the atrocities it committed during its invasion of Ukraine.

Left's impossible climate approach

I agree that Republicans could do a better job representing the conservative community on green issues ("GOP must be 'engaging in the fight' on environment," Web, Jan. 16).

Why should Mexico fix border?

With a $1.29 trillion economy, Mexico is a wealthy country, but it has great poverty due to an inequitable distribution of wealth that is worse than that of the U.S.

Blame parents for youth criminality

I have been hearing many reactions from D.C. residents regarding the recent killing of a 13-year-old African American while he and two others were seen attempting to break into cars at 4 a.m. ("DC residents demand police action after 13-year-old killed," Web, Jan. 10).

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