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Baseball, the anti-Catholic sport?

Peter Parisi rightly berates Los Angeles Dodgers executives for their anti-Catholic bias, which they recently exhibited by inviting the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence -- drag queens who grossly mock nuns and the Catholic faith -- to the baseball team's annual "Pride Night" ("LA fans should boycott Dodgers for indulging LGBTQ Sisters' anti-Catholic bigotry," web, May 31).

Duplicitous left could dash hopes

There's an old saying falsely attributed to the late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill that may give us hope for the future.

A dangerous game

I'm old enough to remember the days of "duck and cover," fallout shelters and the Cuban missile crisis.

Self-interest over morality

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence seems an appropriate name for a group of drag queens dressed as nuns, given that our nation has become more self-indulgent than any in history ("Dodgers scratch award for drag queens dressed like nuns after Catholic backlash," web, May 17).

U.S. military is not an experiment

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley -- who led the fiasco in the departure of Afghanistan -- recently said the "woke" activities that have been taking place on bases are not part of the U.S. military.

Time to clean house

Do our legislators read about what their actions are doing to our nation?

House unites for crucial cause

It is appropriate and timely that the House of Representatives -- which rarely achieves unanimity on any issue -- voted 429-0 this week to condemn antiemitism and recognize the accomplishments of American Jews.

A win for McCarthy

This week's passage of the debt-limit bill in the House of Representatives is a strategic victory for Speaker Kevin McCarthy ("Biden-McCarthy debt limit deal to face new obstacles in Senate as looming deadline closes in," web, May 31).

Polarizing politics make bad business

There are no words to describe the culture wars created by corporation partnerships with the LGBTQ contingent ("Pride Month pushback: Conservatives target corporations over woke merch," web, May 29).

Spending what we don't have

Read the fine print concerning the budget deal between President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy ("Pushback from all sides: Biden, McCarthy debt limit deal trashed by left and right," web, May 28).

Shenanigans in Texas

Deep in the heart of Texas, shenanigans are afoot involving state Attorney Ken General Paxton.

Trump can drain the swamp again

About 500 years ago, Pope Leo X was short of cash and needed to raise some money to complete the construction of St. Peter's Basilica.

Remembering Neilia Hunter Biden

Growing up in the Delaware Valley, I remember the tragic end of the first wife of a future president of the United States.

Stop next pandemic now

The general consensus among experts seems to be that the next deadly pandemic may very well be airborne, like COVID-19, and that cleaning surfaces, purifying food and water, and eliminating mosquitoes won't stop it.

What happened to background checks?

The Massachusetts Air National Guardsman accused of posting highly classified documents on social media should never have received a top-secret security clearance -- or any security clearance, for that matter -- based on his terrible background ("Air Force looks to better control access to classified data after intelligence leak," web, May 22).

Reagan increased debt

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin said recently, "Ronald Reagan changed lives."