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Why not net launchers?

Why has it not been suggested that police use net launchers and/or tranquilizers/sedatives to dispel rioters ("Rochester police leaders retire after suffocation death," Web, Sept. 8)? With multiple police officers on the scene and time to respond before Jacob Blake reached his vehicle, a net launcher would have worked. With Daniel Prude, a sedative likely would have worked.

Atlantic piece a desperate grab

Democrats and Never Trumpers cannot get any lower than to accuse President Trump of insulting our fallen troops ("Should Americans believe Trump or The Atlantic?" Web, Sept. 9). Why would Mr. Trump want to do that? And why would former National Security Adviser John Bolton want to lie for Mr. Trump after what's transpired bewteen them? Mr. Bolton says The Atlantic story is not true.

Left wants Trump out at any cost

By this point in time, it should be obvious that the talking points from the CIA's Project Mockingbird surface verbatim across America's radio and TV/cable outlets to create crisis after crisis allegedly caused by President Trump.

Only Trump can end violence

Violence, destruction and mayhem taking place in urban centers across the country are undermining our democracy and destroying our way of life. Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and other U.S. cities are undergoing unceasing violence by Black Lives Matter, Antifa and similarly ideologically abhorrent groups. What will it take to stop this unmitigated hate and destruction when the mayors and governors of these states and cities refuse to face what has been done to people's property and lives? There is only one person who can put an end to this crisis of major proportions, and that is President Trump.

Farrakhan's slander dangerous

We Whites hear constantly about how much of what we do or say is racist, either consciously or unconsciously. In his July 4 speech, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan warned people of color about a plan to kill billions of them by vaccination, and he named Anthony Fauci, and Bill and Melinda Gates as among those people behind it.

Keep schools open

Several years ago, I happened to mention to my doctor that my hay fever allergies were bothering me much less and I was happy about that. However, he told me that it was an indication my immune system was "closing down" as I got older. That was the first I ever heard of this problem for senior citizens. This is now obvious to all in the death statistics from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stop violent, anti-White thugs

The truth of what Black Lives Matter and Antifa actually represent has been conveniently hidden by these organized terrorists' sleight of hand. We are now witnessing what I firmly believe to be a nationwide assemblage of assorted thugs who are violent racists and Black supremacists.

Biden has much to account for

There was a stark contrast between this year's Democratic and Republican national conventions that should not be ignored. Listening to the Democrats all you heard was a diatribe of venom coming out of their mouths, showing their hatred for our president. They were like rats caught in a trap trying to gnaw their way out, thinking that if they did they would be free to infest the world with their diseases. Their presentation was all about gloom and doom, and how rotten everything is because of President Trump (which couldn't be further from the truth).

More face time a plus

While most of the current Democratic leaders were not alive in 1948, the lessons from that year's presidential elections are not lost, considering the recent decision to increase the exposure of Joe Biden to the voting public. Although the parties were reversed in the 1948 example, Thomas Dewey, the Republican candidate, had a substantial majority predicted in the polls — and he chose to abstain from extensive electioneering. In contrast, President Truman went all-out, with numerous whistle stops during his campaign in an effort to win.

'Limosine left' hardly suffering

I beseech our hubristic overlords to act with a bit more tact and grace during these trying times. Ever since COVID-19 appeared on America's shores, a plethora of alarmists have taken to the airways to issue apocalyptic warnings.

Deterrence, not disarmament

While admiring the objectives and perseverance of Joseph Adam Ereli and James Grant in seeking common ground for contemporary arms control regimes, ("Proactive nuclear disarmament talks must begin now before its too lat," Web, Sept. 2), the writers seem to disregard some 50 years of international mistrust.

Remove BLM lettering now

Judicial Watch filed suit against D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to paint its message "Because No One Is Above The Law" on one of the city's streets. So far, this request has been denied. That's no surprise. It almost goes without saying that Washington has more than its share of biased, stupid Democratic officials who have allowed activists to paint conspicuous, raw political messaging on 16th Street in the first place.

Ostrich is no mascot

Riots and the pandemic will both sputter out in time. I think the more crucial distinction between President Trump and Joe Biden is policy differences. Identity and grievance politics wrapped in a tight parcel of social justice and bound with the tinsel of intersectionality may suffice for Democratic true believers, but thoughtful voters of all stripes — those who stand apart from the mindless and numbing hoopla of professional political hucksters — desire serious discussions, for they can distinguish policy from persona.

No leader is perfect

A committee has suggested that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser have the names of the Founding Fathers removed from several buildings, streets and places in Washington due to the connection of those "historical namesakes" to slavery and oppression.

Pelosi's 'set-up' defense malarky

I read with humor about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's arrogant disregard of San Francisco's COVID-19 rules and her absurd defense ("Nancy Pelosi says she was 'set up' by San Francisco salon," Web, Sept. 2). The third most powerful person in the U.S. screamed when caught that she was "set up." Huh. No one held a gun to her head or forced her in any way to break the rules by not wearing a mask and visiting a business supposedly "closed" by coronavirus-prevention rules. She broke them, and aided all those in the shop who were assisting her in doing it.

Athletes, no one asked you

I can't believe the National Basketball Association isn't aware that they are in the middle of a huge, self-inflicted public relations nightmare ("Trump says NBA turning into a 'political organization,'" Web, Aug. 27). As an NBA fan I was disappointed when they shut down in March. When I heard they were starting up again I was excited and looking forward to the restart. But what did I see that first two weeks before I turned them off? They forced a narrative on me and millions of other Americans that the majority of white Americans are racists. They painted the majority of law-enforcement officers as both corrupt and racist.

U.S. weakening; enemies know it

With universal mail-in voting and additional weakening of our election laws, there is no way we will know who has won the presidential election the night of Election Day. There will be delays, challenges and lawsuits galore, and all of this could mean months of delay. Trump will be president for the roughly two months following Election Day. The political left will, of course, accuse him of "stealing" the election. If there is no declared winner by Jan. 20, 2021, Nancy Pelosi, as speaker of the House, will automatically become interim president. These events will lead to a constitutional crisis, be historically unprecedented and tear this country apart.

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