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Follow the money

In "How China and Jeff Bezos benefit from BLM protests, businesses burned and monuments destroyed" (Web, June 29) Richard W. Rahn details how, over the past 30 or so years, the Chinese, Russian and Iranian governments have sought to influence American elections through the teaching and passing out of communist materials on college campuses. He indicates that following the money trail of those supporting the publication and distribution of these materials will lead to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Black Lives Matter.

Honor minorities in name change

In the past I have opposed a Washington Redskins name change ("With Redskins name change looming, pressure mounts for total rebranding," Web, July 5). However, it is clear that such a change is inevitable. Therefore, I offer two possibilities for a new moniker.

Protesters spreading virus

It does not take a rocket scientist to connect the timings of the coronavirus surges with the recent mass protests against the police. That there are huge convergences of people who are in all sorts of close physical contact should be neither ignored nor brushed off. Why are politically biased Drs. Birx, Fauci and others giving the American public the runaround and not honestly addressing the health impact of these protests? Why are writers from all over the country and mainstream-media outlets allowed to publish and broadcast uncontested hit pieces at President Trump and the Republicans for not locking down more of the economy? This injustice needs to be corrected — with greatly elevated public awareness of the protests' major role in the COVID-19 surges.

Renaming bases a bad idea

The Department of Defense and the GOP-controlled Senate have taken an official position contrary to that of President Trump over the renaming of military bases honoring notable Cofederates ("Trump veto threat falls flat as anti-Confederate campaign gains steam," Web, July 1). President Trump desires to maintain the historical significance of the names of these bases and plans to veto a bill the GOP senators presented to him that would force the renaming of these bases at a later date.

GOP must unite behind Trump

I read with interest "Hundreds of former George W. Bush officials reportedly set to endorse Biden" (Web, July 1). Where were all of these former officials when the other 16 candidates were running against then-candidate Trump in 2016? Where have they been during these three-and-half years of President Trump's term in office, when comparisons between his policies and the Democrats' dangerous progressive agenda would have been very enlightening for the country to hear? Where were they when the Democrats carried out their disgraceful attempt to remove President Trump from office by any means possible?

Socialist 'dream' will be nightmare

When "Democratic socialism" comes, we'll deserve forfeiting America's signature quality. Not just liberty itself, but our understanding that effort, pride, motivation, failure and success are as essential to the joy of freedom as the end result. With socialism, effort is secondary. Obscenely taxed workers fund communal support while politicians and lobbyists prosper.

Brutal-cops myth punishes poor

Police misconduct occurs from time to time, as evidenced in the dramatically tragic death of George Floyd. Unfortunately, that singular incident poured gasoline on a popularized myth: Police brutality is an everyday occurrence and police are our enemy rather than an essential part of society. This gross error in popular opinion portends devastating consequences.

Shortsighted 'defund' movement

I do not believe I have ever heard a more insane idea than the call to defund the police. Imagine drunk drivers speeding down your street, where children walk and play. Imagine no one obeying traffic signals. Imagine cars and motorcycles going over 100 miles an hour on the freeways. Imagine your house is on fire and the firefighters cannot get to the fire hydrant because of illegally parked cars. Imagine listening to or watching a man beating a woman -- and having no one to call for help. Imagine having no one to investigate a theft, rape, murder or drive-by shooting. That is what we will reap if we defund the police. If this is what the American people want, there is an easier way: Just get rid of all the laws.

Contradictory messages

As a communication scholar, I believe that Sen. Chris Murphy, Connecticut Democrat, hit the nail on the head at Tuesday's Senate coronavirus hearing. He explained why slowing the spread of COVID-19 is in large part a rhetorical problem. As Mr. Murphy noted, we have "two parallel messaging operations" leading to confusion and a lack of compliance with virus-prevention guidelines.

Biden couldn't order mask wearing

The president has no authority to require the general public to wear masks ("Joe Biden: I would insist anyone in public wear a mask," Web, June 26). As sovereign entities that both predated and retained broad powers under the U.S. Constitution, only the individual states possess inherent "police powers" to protect their inhabitants' health, safety and welfare. In contrast, federal authorities must be expressly enumerated in the Constitution.

Defund universities, not police

It's an ill wind that blows no good. The good that can come from our present distress is the final realization that we have long been subsidizing our own problems. Funding institutions of higher education that for two generations have had an anti-American atmosphere has come to a head, as a large majority of the destructive Black Lives Matter crowd is made up of white, "university-educated" women.

No constitutional right to harm

We were caught flat-footed by COVID-19, as was almost every country. A few states took the brunt of it, and in those places people stayed at home, socially distanced and wore masks, finally bringing the spread under control.

Bolton's 'punches' powerless

Although John Bolton's book, "The Room Where It Happened," is currently undergoing litigation in the United Staes, here in the United Kingdom we have been able to read it — and far from finding it to be the scandalous torpedoing of the Trump administration that liberals are hoping, I actually looked up from my copy with a favorable view of President Trump.

Past being repeated

When I was a child watching news reels about Adolf Hitler, I wondered how such a man and his followers could have attained control of Germany. How could his Brownshirt thugs have run around unimpeded, attacking, burning, looting and intimidating the citizens? Now, at the age of 82, I am at last finding the answer to that question as I see the same horrifying scenario playing out in my own country. If it isn't stopped, we are heading for disaster.

Suppressing history same as lying

Jacob Bruggeman is a graduate student in history ("Removing Confederate statues does not erase U.S. history," Web, June 25)? Laughable! Apparently his leftist professors and mentors have allowed him to proceed without challenge in his academic career as the biased, ignorant, intellectual pretender that he is.

Prosecute law-ignoring 'leaders'

When is enough enough? We have had riots and murders in our streets for a month with Black Lives Matter leading the protesters and anarchists. This has turned into persecution of the white race and all cops, as well as anyone who is not Black.

Moving away from reconciliation

I grew up in the era of the Civil War Centennial, when the fundamental view, as espoused in President Eisenhower's Proclamation, was that everyone who fought in that most horrible war was an American. Eisenhower understood that an essential component to achieving reconciliation between Black and White America was achieving reconciliation between the North and the South.

'White privilege' exaggerated

So-called white privilege permitted me to forfeit a career opportunity with NASA back in the '70s. The reason? I neglected to comply with an interviewer's encouragement to pitch my race as Hispanic. Hmm, perhaps I should have taken a page from Sen. Elizabeth Warren and embraced a specious minority identity for employment. Did I naively squander that opportunity due to a hollow, self-contorted truth? After all, truth is relative now, right?

Move against anti-Semitism

It is inarguable that the Black community has suffered. What happened to George Floyd was horrific and cannot be justified. There have been all too many instances of awful aggression against the Black community.

Will BLM effect real change?

This is not the first time a democratic nation has been hit by both a cultural revolt and an epidemic at the same time. In ancient Rome, when the poor had their property seized for debts, they marched across the city and out of town several miles in protest. This symbolized the fact that wealthy Romans were effectively driving them homeless into the countryside.

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