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Does Pence have a backbone?

I will not get into the dispute between former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Pence over the certification of the 2020 election. There is a far more important issue we should think about when considering Mr. Pence as a candidate for president.

Left's latest red herring will fail

Instead of focusing on the economy, inflation, the high price of gas and the crisis at the border, Democrats have focused all of their attention on 'getting' former President Donald Trump ("Rep. Nancy Mace: Second indictment secures Trump's GOP nomination," web, June 9).

Democrats fear Trump

The Biden administration has devoted most of its energy to destroying former President Donald Trump ("Trump says he's been indicted, summoned to appear at the federal courthouse in Miami on Tuesday," web, June 8).

'Paperback Jack' by Loren D. Estleman (book cover)

BOOK REVIEW: 'Paperback Jack'

Loren D. Estleman, the award-winning author of the Amos Walker crime series, has published "Paperback Jack," an interesting and well-written novel about the birth of paperback novels.

Comey can't be serious

How can former FBI Director James Comey maintain a straight face while reportedly suggesting that former President Donald Trump might run a "retribution presidency" -- when the deep state has mercilessly investigated the man for 6 1/2 years ("Ex-FBI Director Comey says Biden is only 2024 candidate 'committed to the rule of law,'" web, June 5)?

What happened to public service?

Sen. Rick Scott states the obvious when he writes that "Washington is broken" ("Public Service Reform Act is needed to make Washington work," web, June 8).

Illustration on the American Dream by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Recapturing American Dream all about the 'God-given'

- The Washington Times

A return of the American Dream will only come when Americans put God back in charge of the country. And that's going to take some deep, spiritually based reflection and acknowledgment of sin on the part of the American people, followed by mass repentance; that is, by a massive turning back from sin.