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Illustration on the trouble with Turkey by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

The trouble with Turkey

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‘Who’s the boss?’

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Preventing mass shootings

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FILE - In this Nov. 17, 2017, file photo, Rohingya Muslims, who crossed over from Myanmar into Bangladesh, wade past a waterlogged path leading to the Jamtoli refugee camp in Ukhiya, Bangladesh. Myanmar on Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018, sharply rejected an attempt by the International Criminal Court to consider the country's culpability for activities that caused about 700,000 minority Rohingya Muslims to flee to Bangladesh for safety. The office of State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, the country's leader, said in a statement posted online that the court in the Netherlands has no jurisdiction over Myanmar because it is not a member state. (AP Photo/A.M. Ahad, File)

It's genocide, Stupid

Only a year ago the military junta began a sustained assault on the people of Myanmar's Rohingya district. Over a period of three months, the generals engaged in a campaign of rape, murder and fire, slaying in cold blood thousands of innocents, and burning more than 300 villages, determined to drive out the Muslims who had lived there for centuries.

No military weapons on streets

The controversy surrounding President Trump's military parade brings attention to the real and symbolic dangers of deploying military hardware, including combat weapons, military helicopters and heavy tracked vehicles, in American cities. However, these types of equipment are already being used by law enforcement agencies all over the country, often with little accountability or oversight.

Every life matters

A recent picture of this week's Lafayette Park rally appeared to be mostly young misled people accusing President Trump of being a fascist and bigot, while holding signs that read: "No place for Facism," "No hate, no KKK and no Nazis in the USA." I, despite being one of their so-called "deplorables," am certainly with them in terms of being against the above-mentioned hate groups. However, another sign on the far left of the photo caught my eye. It read: "Your grandkid will be multi-racial." So, what's wrong with that? Is it mixed religions the sign-holder has trouble with, or the fact that future children might not have blond hair and blue eyes?

Liberalizing the university with conservative thought

For conservative academics who are intimately aware of university life under leftist machinations, "The University We Need: Reforming American Higher Education" by Warren Treadgold is a book that not only will augment personal experiences, but will offer what just may be a way out of the apparently hopeless mess that leftists have made of higher education.

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