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Illustration on abortion of black babies by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Are you ‘woke’ to Black genocide in America?

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Israel can't afford to disarm

The implication that Israel was established from undisputed Arab land by rapacious Westerners — an inference metastasizing within the "woke" world and especially loudly within specific Democratic Party precincts — is historically incorrect. Israel was established 73 years ago following a partition plan for the British Mandate of Palestine formulated by the United Nations. A Palestinian state was contemplated at the same time, but Arab Palestinians decided instead to throttle the nation established by indigenous Jewish Palestinians by invading the nascent state of Israel along with Arab allies. They lost the 1948 war and have been losing ever since, but not for want of trying.

Needed: Real election investigation

As recently as last weekend some of the alphabet media were reporting that there is no evidence of the fraud and illegal actions former President Trump said took place in the last election. But there have also been recent reports about significant election problems in New Hampshire, which did affect results in some 2020 races. And then there is the Nevada election audit, in which it has been reported that Nevada's election laws were not followed.

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