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Mass Shootings Illustration by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

Yes, let's do something to stop mass shootings

When President Biden visited a church in Uvalde, Texas, a few days after the tragic school shooting at an elementary school, he was met with a chorus of chants, "Do something!" "We will," he promised.

Solar makes no sense

Solar panel production requires tremendous amounts of energy as well as the use of raw materials mostly available only from China ("Biden will trigger DPA, waive tariffs for two years on solar panels to boost production," Web, June 6). This lack of domestic raw-material availability is driven by the political left's efforts to stop just about any and all mining here in the U.S.

Petroleum isn't just gas

Clean energy's flaw in the plan is that wind and solar deliver their goals, but nothing else. Achieving perfection is the objective of the zealot. The big 'green' falsehood is that a barrel of petroleum provides a barrel of gasoline. Hidden is the fact that only 20% of that barrel is made into gasoline. The other 80% makes byproducts, many of which are plastics and polyesters that compose nearly all the disposables used in our hospitals to maintain high states of sterility.

Begging for oil when it's right here

Instead of a magic carpet ride to Saudi Arabia only to grovel and make a deal with the devil, President Biden should increase U.S. oil production so we can work back toward becoming oil-independent ("America needs its Gulf allies," Web, June 6). We should not be begging our enemies for oil.

Two rows of metal security fencing are erected outside the U.S. Supreme Court, Sunday, June 5, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Should Supreme Court justices be term-limited?

Amid the hysteria regarding recent Supreme Court confirmations, two proposals have arisen from the Democrats: court packing and term appointments. Neither of these responses is particularly novel and both would prove ultimately counterproductive.

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