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Too old to tango?

At some point, rational older adults realize the future is no longer about them, but rather about the generations that follow. And that is a good thing, because these accomplished younger men and women have the energy, curiosity, intellect and willingness to question long-standing traditions and remove or build on them, as progress requires.

Adults' faux reality

For decades, American youth has been confronted by a confusing adult world of make-believe reality. They have witnessed the acceptance of definitions losing permanence through arbitrary claims.

Kick Soros DAs to curb

George Soros reportedly spent $40 million to install 75 leftist (often inexperienced) district attorneys throughout the country. Mr. Soros plans to effectively oppose the recalls of those attorneys and get even more of them elected.

Illustration on the course on the direction of America under the Biden presidency by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Biden's agenda intentionally wreaks havoc

When President Biden took office, he promised to bring unity and healing to our nation. Less than two years later, Mr. Biden has sown division at every turn.

Inflation Storm Illustration by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times

More bad news on Biden's inflation

On June 10, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly inflation report, which showed the Consumer Price Index increased 1.0% in May, reaching a 41-year high of 8.6%.

Obama can't save the Democrats

Apparently the architect of the American socialist machine and the Biden collective has crawled out from under his slimy, multimillion-dollar rock on Martha's Vineyard. Former President Barack Obama has a lot to say suddenly, and it just so happens to be coming right before the midterm elections.

Left hopes to gain mileage from hearings

Expect five or six more prime-time dog and pony shows, crafted by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to divert attention from President Biden's disastrous administration blunders ("House panel star witness William Stepien will not appear Monday," Web, June 13).

Time to look under the bed

In 1776 a conspiracy of brave, brilliant, erudite and serious men led the fight for America's freedom and independence. Their ideas and ideals have "shaped the course of human events." Fast forward almost two-and-a-half centuries, and America is witnessing another revolution. This one, however, is led by a conspiracy of dunces.

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