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Conservatism in Biden’s America

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The first of many Biden blunders

When rookie President Joseph R. Biden Jr. plants himself behind the Resolute Desk for the first time and boldly but foolishly takes pen in hand to cease any further construction on our southern-border wall, he will be forever remembered as the creator of America's own Maginot Line. By leaving the industrious works of his predecessor unfinished to appease the far left-wing members of the Democratic Party, President Biden will essentially leave the gate wide open to any and all foreign interlopers looking to make an illegal entry to the United States of America.

Chinese government let millions die

One glaring omission in the report issued this week by a panel of WHO-appointed experts is that the "immediate and decisive decisions" made by China after the novel-coronavirus outbreak included a lockdown — but it was an internal-only one, from Wuhan. China left international air travel in place, sponsoring worldwide export of a virus they already knew was deadly. To my knowledge, that export remained in place until our president shut down the flow to the United States in late January of 2020.

President-elect Joe Biden speaks at the Major Joseph R. "Beau" Biden III National Guard/Reserve Center, Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021, in New Castle, Del. Newsom sent Biden a letter on Tuesday, outlining shared priorities and areas where the state can work together with the new Democratic administration. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Good luck, President Biden

Last fall, this newspaper endorsed your rival in the presidential contest because we believed that he would be the best leader for the nation. That contest is over; the voters have spoken through the same election process that has endured throughout our history.

Church quiet on Biden abortion stance

I am sure that "Catholic" Joseph R. Biden will sign an executive order on day one to force the American people to fund Planned Parenthood. He will also support the exportation of abortion worldwide. For those who accepted massive voter fraud or voted for Joe, this is only the beginning of his destruction of America. Your living costs will skyrocket and your basic freedoms will be lost. It is already beginning.

Obama, Clinton pardoned far more at end

One of the lead stories on CNN this week has been about the president's 100 last-days pardons (including clemencies). Worth noting is that in January 2017, the outgoing president, Barack Obama, issued 1,927 pardons and commutations in his final days. In his last week in office Bill Clinton issued 456 pardons and clemencies. But of course the radical, socialist press is taking a last shot at President Trump, whom it has been working for four years to evict from office.

Pro-Trump damage pales next to BLM's

Considering the billions of dollars in damage that resulted from the riots across the U.S. in 2020 (mainly by Democratic Party supporters), the pro-Trump protesters who broke into the Capitol this month did almost no damage. They were there to protest, not destroy. That is something the media have not really mentioned. In fact, from some mainstream news coverage one would think the Capitol had been set ablaze.

What the French Revolution can teach us about 'woke' culture

Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver's addition of "Awomen" after the somewhat more traditional term "Amen" at the end of his invocation at the opening session of the 117th Congress brought to mind a story that was told about a visitor to Paris in 1794.

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