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Fed dropped the ball on inflation

As a Babson MBA graduate, I am highly disappointed with the Federal Reserve's very late recognition of the runaway inflation affecting our country. Inflation is running at 8.5% compared to a year ago, and the Fed only started to increase interest rates in March 2022 in an effort to reach its target of 2.0%. How did we get here?

Biden's gas-price 'fixes' ruinous

If you can't afford $5 a gallon, then you can't afford $4.82 a gallon, either ("Biden gas tax holiday faces revolt by top Democrats," Web, June 22). This is a pathetic move from President Biden, made out of desperation. If he announced a crash program to expand U.S. production, the drop in prices would be 30 cents to 40 cents a gallon, and that would matter.

'Bidenflation' courtesy of Joe et al.

Each day I grow less confident in what passes for today's federal government ("Biden's gasoline plan calls on everyone outside of the White House to do their part," Web, June 22). The locus of my escalating concerns is the buffoon now occupying the Oval Office.

A child praying on an open Bible at a wooden table. (Photo credit: Freedom Studio via Shutterstock)

America's moral crisis calls for return to Bible

- The Washington Times

Eighty-seven percent of Americans see the state of moral values in the nation as either "poor" or "only fair," according to Gallup polling numbers released this month. In other words: Americans know this country is facing a moral crisis.

The Kremlin in Moscow is seen here on Sept. 29, 2017. The federal government's primary cyber security agency is urging computer network administrators for American critical infrastructure networks to immediately bolster security against electronic attacks following suspected Russian cyberstrikes against Ukraine. (AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev) **FILE**

Russian hacks remind free world it's time for cyber upgrade

On May 20, two pro-Moscow hacker groups, Killnet and Legion, launched a coordinated cyberattack against thousands of Italian websites. Targets included major transportation centers and key government offices such as the foreign and defense ministries.

Misguided war on fossil fuels

Most people I have talked to think that humankind's contribution to atmospheric greenhouse gases is far greater than it actually is. The term "carbon pollution" is both unscientific and misleading. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant of any type, dangerous or otherwise. When every animal on the planet exhales, the gas we expel into the atmosphere is carbon dioxide.

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