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Illustration on the importance of DHS by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

We need DHS now more than ever

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Corrupt from top to bottom

Former resident Trump would never be considered a politician. He is a successful businessman who transferred that acumen to the White House. The results were exceptionally productive for America, and a challenge for the rest of the world. Trump demanded results, and if they didn't come you'd be replaced rather quickly. That's how a business works. Failure is not an option.

Biden wholly unstrustworthy

"Biden taxes hit Wall Street, Main Street" (Page 1, Sept. 17) contains the line "The Democrats' plan also raises taxes on small businesses despite Mr. Biden's promises not to do so." Reading that, it struck me: The hallmark of Biden's presidency to date is the nearly uncountable number of times he has promised something, then broken that promise -- whether it was made during the campaign or during his presidency.

'Tax the rich' really 'Tax working people'

The Biden plan for paying for the $3.5- -$5-trillion spending plan calls for doubling the size of the IRS and hiring 87,000 new agents ("Biden's 'long overdue' tax hikes span from Wall Street to Main Street, from superwealthy to smokers," Web, Sept. 16). Also, as part of this plan Biden will open up to the federal government the visibility of all your bank accounts and transactions. This is a big step toward socialism and the United States becoming a police state.

What a puppet to pick

Biden's beady-eyed facial sneer looks more like Walter, the puppet character of comedian Jeff Dunham, every day. It's fitting, as we all know Biden is merely a puppet for his handlers Klain, Rice, Obama and Soros.

'Confidence' in Milley is worthless

The politicalization of America's military has been evident for decades, but the latest revelation, that Gen. Mark A. Milley had been secretly talking to his Chinese counterpart of his concerns over his then commander in chief (Donald Trump) is an immediate and fireable offense.

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