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Demonstrators gathered at Floyd Light City Park on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020 in Portland, Ore.  Protests turned violent again even after the mayor pleaded with demonstrators to stay off the streets. Police say an officer suffered what was described as a severe injury after being hit with a rock late Thursday. (Mark Graves /The Oregonian via AP)  **FILE**

What will organized criminal violence bring next to our streets?

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Wake-up call for international community

I would like to congratulate the NCRI, PMOI, and Madame Rajavi for the very successful global summit that was held two days ago with an amazing impact on everyone who heard the news inside and outside Iran. That summit was a good indication of strong internal roots of the Iran resistance movement, led by Mrs. Rajavi, as well as international support.

'Life in prison as a child'

My father was executed during the 1988 massacre. My mother was a political activist. I was arrested with her twice and experienced life in prison as a child. I was only 6 during the second detention.

'Pursue justice' over trade and politics

The pain of the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners remains in the heart of families because justice has not been achieved yet. It's time that we talk about the crimes committed by the religious dictatorship ruling Iran, like the 1988 massacre or the latest case of arbitrary arrests and carnage during last November's protests in almost 200 cities in Iran.

'Equal opportunities for all'

Dear Mrs. Rajavi, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I send you my greetings and express my solidarity with the people of Iran who are fighting for freedom and democracy.

Embargo should stand

While we are gathered here for the Free Iran Global Summit, the United Nations Security Council is discussing the possible lifting of the arms embargo from the United Nations against Iran.

Shutter embassies acting as terrorism 'launching pads'

President-elect Maryam Rajavi, the crimes that the Ayatollah's regime perpetrates against its own people, the starving of an entire nation for the purpose of eliminating opposition, the support to fanatic proxies to dominate and frighten the region, and the genocidal aggression and terrorism by IRGC, make Iran the number one worst terrorist state.

Rajavi is a 'resolute and strong' leader

Iran is a great country. Its people have a great history. Regrettably, a reactionary, medieval regime is ruling it.

Regime mocks human rights laws

It is a great pleasure to be with you for this international online summit for a free and democratic Iran. I want to send my best wishes to Ashraf 3's residents in Albania and to the Iranian people.

'Dozens of Kurds are being executed by this regime'

The mullahs' regime has committed many crimes against the people of Iranian Kurdistan. Any action or civil rights activity is being branded as a security issue, and dozens of Kurds are being executed.

Resistance 'shakes regime to its core'

Madame President, Maryam Rajavi, dear Iranian friends, honorable colleagues and distinguished personalities, it is a very great privilege to join you online for the Global Free Iran Summit.

'Greatness of Iran is still ahead'

I am proud and happy to stand with the millions of people of Iran, both in Iran and Iranians around the world who are fighting for democracy and freedom. The Iranian people deserve to have democracy and freedom. They deserve to live under a system of rule of law and the respect of fundamental human rights.

Take crimes to courts

We all agree that the crime committed against political prisoners in Iran in 1988 is firmly established. It's well documented and all parties concerned have been informed.

'We must be agents of change'

We're all too familiar with the laundry lists of crimes against humanity, committed by the murderous regime in Iran, crimes of terror against their own citizens and others throughout the world.

'Your enemy is our enemy'

I am really honored to be with you here today. I bring greetings from my wife Hadassah who was thrilled to be with me in Ashraf last year. And I must say it was humbling because, when we left, I was convinced that Hadassah was much more popular than I was. But she sends her love and her support to you.

Iranian bravery shifts momentum: 'Wind at your back'

I'm honored to be with the National Council of Resistance of Iran and your exceptional, courageous leader Maryam Rajavi. I join my American colleagues and leaders around the world in fully supporting your resistance movement and your drive for a free Iran.

'Your voice matters in the world'

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all here, and I would like to thank Maryam Radjavi for her words today, even if the circumstances are a little unique and there is a large distance between us.

Uniting against 'barbaric actions'

My dear friends, I cannot forget the fight that we have led since 2003. These meetings started a little after, and more or less every year, we have gathered to discuss the scandal of persecution against a certain number of people, including Maryam Radjavi, in France.

'Khomeini is synonymous with terrorism'

Our hopes were high during the Iranian revolution, and we expected that many things would change for the better from a fatal autocratic regime to a democratic system, public freedoms, a comfortable economy, and good relations with neighboring countries.

Path 'against monstrous tyranny' carved by legacy

It's a huge pleasure and privilege to be here today at this great annual gathering which this year is taking place both physically and virtually. People in 30,000 locations, in over 100 countries, all joined together to support freedom in Iran and Madame Rajavi's 10-point plan.

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