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If Biden were smart, he would pardon Trump

If President Biden is the smartest person in the room, as he seems to believe he is, a display of that intelligence would be for him to pardon Donald Trump.

Trump indictment won't stand

The indictment against former President Donald Trump is unprecedented, lacks legal merit and is politically motivated ("Political left is undermining faith in our government," web, March 31).

Kirby goes off the rails

In "Afghanistan haunts Biden, as it should" (web, April 1), Jed Babbin references a recent comment by National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, who called LGBTQ+ rights a core part of our foreign policy.

Throw out corrupt politicians

It seems that every day we learn of new unconscionable, criminal conduct by government employees and elected officials.

Indict Biden, others for treason

I am not at all surprised that the Democrats have come after former President Donald Trump again ("Trump indicted by New York grand jury in Stormy Daniels hush money case," web, March 30).

No justice without equal justice

Members of the Jan. 6 committee and others should be not only ashamed but held accountable for their gross misleading of the legal system, other members of Congress and the American people ("Jan. 6 'Shaman' released from prison early as lawyer calls for sanctions on prosecutors over video," web, March 30).

Encouraged self-centeredness breeds contempt

Billy Hallowell's "Mass shootings, moral chaos reveal spiritual crisis of epic proportions" (web, March 28) exposes how self-centeredness results in paranoiac insecurity, ultimately leading to an unrealistic expectation that all of society must endorse disparate values.

Can we survive Biden?

Never before in our country's history have never been in such a dangerous, precarious situation.

Don't give up on Trump

My hope is that voters will not give up on former President Donald Trump ("Trump's antics could get him locked up at Manhattan arraignment," web, March 29).

Damage of leftist policies

It seems that the pendulum of society is finally starting to swing away from progressive politics and toward mainstream values.

Democrats should want Trump to run

It is true that while president, Donald Trump achieved amazing accomplishments -- despite continuous hounding by opponents.

Bans won't stop crazed, evil shooters

Does the fact that "Nashville school shooter was transgender, had 'manifesto,' police say" (web, March 27) qualify the despicable attack as LGBTQ+ terrorism?

Heterophobia harming kids, society

Don Feder's recent column, "Corrupting our children is one of the left's favorite tactics" (web, March 25), reminded me of an old but very relevant letter to the editor published in the May 26, 1993, Wall Street Journal.

Country finally seeing the light

If I were asked to explain in one word the current condition of my country, I would regrettably have to say "debacle."

Letter to the editor: Trump has every right to run again

Well, here we go again: Another weak-kneed, supposed conservative is calling for former President Donald Trump not to run due to pending charges/indictments and other reasons ("Trump should remove himself from 2024 presidential race," web, March 20).