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If we're divided, media are to blame

It looks like Joe Biden has won the presidency with what no one could call a mandate. And now we can expect exhortations for Joe to end all polarization and "bring us together." Well, how did we get so far apart in the first place?

Roberts a failure as justice

The American people have for over the past four years come to understand that the chief justice of our Supreme Court is nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing ("Supreme Court orders Pennsylvania Democrats to respond in ballot dispute," Web, Nov. 4). You could say he is incapable of following the U.S. Constitution as written. In other words, he has chosen to be a lawmaker, and he has made this decision twice now: once regarding Obamacare and once more recently, regarding the 2020 election. In both cases the Constitution should have been followed.

Weak, compromised Biden will ruin us

We should hope and pray that President Trump wins this election. A Biden presidency would be doomed before it began, considering Joe Biden's cognitive deterioration, compromised negotiating position as a result of his duplicitous foreign business enterprises and the crushing of his party's blue wave under the weight of its own radicalism.

Voter fraud nothing new

Just like in the charade of the 2020 American presidential election, dead people also voted for JFK in 1960 — and the press covered it up the way they covered up details of his assassination and nearly everything about the war in Vietnam until Nixon became president in 1969.

Election theft is no lie

It is absolutely the case that a great election robbery is underway right now in the U.S. The signs are obvious, and similar to those here in the U.K., where mail-in fraud is a fact of life.

Let governments oversee cryptocurrency

In "Will America or China be No. 1 in cryptocurrency?" (Web, Nov. 4), Jared Whitley puts forth the argument that the "right kind of leadership from Washington on cryptocurrency" can help ensure that China "doesn't supplant America as the No. 1 economy in the world."

Give D.C. back to Maryland

For those proposing to make Washington, D.C., a state, here is a better idea. In 1790, Congress created a perfectly square federal district straddling both the Potomac River's Virginia and Maryland sides. In 1846, Congress ceded the Virginia side back to Virginia.

'Church' of the Democrats

We are great followers. Without a compass, life has no meaning. We must follow a line of authority. Our leaders have feet of clay, metaphorically underscored by the recent destruction of statues of our ancestors.

'Division' a sign of common sense

I am so tired of hearing pundits moan about how divided we are. Thank God we are divided. For those of us who love liberty, we can only cringe at the idea that our country might not be divided, and that everyone might be in favor of the current trend toward socialism.

Democrats savor unrest

Regardless of who ends up the victor in Tuesday's presidential election, rioting, looting, shootings and general mayhem should not be tolerated, no matter where they may occur. But as with everything else regarding President Trump and this election, the leftist news media are doing their best to assure that tensions and unrest remain high post-election.

Left's anti-racism moves misguided

Many self-serving people who think of themselves as being liberal might consider me a racist because I treat Blacks as equals. There are exceptions, people to whom I don't measure up, such as Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice and Candace Owens, because their credentials far exceed mine.

Harris' Israel agenda disastrous

While Sen. Kamala Harris was unwilling to talk about President Trump in the run-up to the election, she was eager to speak about the future of the Israeli-Arab conflict under a Biden presidency. For all those interested in the security of Israel, her words should have chilling effect.

Boy Scouts doing right thing

The Boy Scouts of America has agreed to set up a victim compensation fund for children victimized by Boy Scouts staff and management. I think this is a wonderful acknowledgement from a once-esteemed organization. From 2017 to 2019 Boys Scouts of America paid more than $150 million to make right the past wrongs committed against children. Abused in Scouting is a group 8,000 men strong, and they are united against this abuse and are advocates for children.

Democrats' Pavlovian ways

Ivan Pavlov was a physiologist who, while experimenting with dogs, food and the ringing of a bell, discovered classical conditioning. His dogs were conditioned to salivate at the sound of a bell.

Quality vs. quantity

At this point, it ought to be obvious that the novel coronavirus is 120 nanometers in diameter and is highly transmissible. The lockdowns did not do much of anything to contain the virus, and they did absolutely nothing to eradicate it. Kudos were plentiful for the European lockdown champions six months ago, but look at Europe now.

Trump does more for minorities than left

It escapes me to try to understand two major factors in this election. One is why social media giants and others who became billionaires are now doing everything they can to defeat the one person in this presidential race striving to keep America the land of opportunity. Why do people like Mark Zuckenberg, Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg — who became so wealthy under our capitalist system — use their wealth and position to undermine our great system?

DC leaf-service cuts harm seniors

How much will the D.C. government save by ordering us 70- and and 80-year-old retirees to use meager Social Security income to buy paper bags to use with our walkers while we perform needed leaf sweeping and bagging? And who will carry these heavy bags from the street to the curb?

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