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Creating 'superhumans' is unethical

A Washington Times article last week focused on a recent military summit meeting where the talk was all about what's around the corner, soldier-wise ("Building a 'superhuman': Focus on mind, body, soul drives evolution of America's warfighters," web, May 17).

Children can't make adult decisions

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and other politicians will continue to get support for bills that ban gender-affirming care for minors because many people -- not only conservatives, but independents and progressives as well -- admit to themselves a simple fact of human nature: We are not born mature ("DeSantis signs bills targeting drag shows, pronouns, bathroom use and transgender children," web, May 17).

Get out of WHO

The World Health Organization will hold its annual World Health Assembly in Geneva this month.

Extremist in what way?

The political left labels as "extremists" those who want to see the U.S. government reduced to the size and scope that the Constitution permits.

Criminal, not crazy

Everyone -- that is, those willing to admit it -- knows that President Biden and his family are probably criminal skunks.

Inmates running the asylum

Under newly proposed rules, the Justice Department, FBI and Homeland Security Department will no longer be able to describe a suspect's physical attributes ("Biden to bar federal agents from considering race, nationality in most investigations," web, May 17).

Trump's opinions aren't lies

In his recent column "Trump's old razzle-dazzle: Disastrous CNN town hall loaded with lies" (web, May 15), Cal Thomas cites what he claims are numerous lies told by Donald Trump during the recent CNN town hall.

America is watching

Some had faith that the heralded and long-awaited Durham report would bring to light the criminal activities of Hillary Clinton, the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, mainstream media, Democrats in general and all the rest who intentionally sabotaged an election and then tried to overthrow an elected American president ("Durham's final report blasts FBI's handling of Trump-Russia probe but doesn't recommend new charges," web, May 15).

Hold officials accountable

No sooner had the John Durham report come out than the despicable, left-leaning television news media began calling it a waste of time saying, "There's nothing to see here" ("Democrats insist Trump colluded with Russians," page 1, May 17).

No justice for preborn

"Dobbs ruling pushes states to extremes on abortion legislation" (page 1, May 15) is a comprehensive report on the status of abortion legislation in U.S. states.

Biden, Congress failing citizens

Once again, our country finds itself being exploited by foreign countries -- and once again, we create crises that should not occur ("Post-Title 42 border security is an affront to American sovereignty," web, May 16).

Blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Cal Thomas has long suffered from Trump Derangement Syndrome, but his recent piece, "Trump's old razzle-dazzle: Disastrous CNN town hall loaded with lies" (web, May 15), is so infected with TDS that one wonders if it is not meant to be a parody.

More votes for Democrats

Lifting Title 42 restrictions was a terrible move ("Biden's illegal immigrant flood," web, May 1).

Slippery cover-up slope

I believe that in the next few months, information will be revealed showing that President Biden and his cronies are the most corrupt group of politicians in American history

The many dangers of open borders

Every sovereign nation has the right to create a safe and secure border, and to control access into it through that border ("'All we want is to be safe': Migrants push north after end of Title 42," web, May 13).

Biden to blame for debt standoff

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has laid out the GOP's debt ceiling proposal, which would help balance the budget.

Biden's border catastrophe

Title 42 has terminated and immigration "surge" numbers are exponentially exploding ("DHS makes last-minute plea to migrants as Title 42 ends," web, May 12).

Biden unfit for presidency

Everyone saw how confused Joe Biden was during his campaign, and he remains so during his presidency.