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Reparations don't make sense

Only in the land of Oz known as California would you hear about the San Francisco Board of Supervisors' African American Reparations Advisory Committee ("'Cut the check': San Francisco board urged to adopt reparations report with $5M payouts," web, March 15).

Arrest would clinch election for Trump

We now know that the FBI deliberately misinformed social media to keep the truth about Hunter Biden's laptop and its harmful revelations about the Bidens from the public.

Arm our drones

The solution to having our drones fly over the Black Sea and other spots over international waters is to arm them all with Sidewinder or Sparrow missiles. The drones should be authorized to fire if threatened the way they were last week by Russian jets.

State courts can't alter election provisions

"N.C. high court takes second look at independent state legislature theory dispute" (Web, March 14) discusses the position that state legislatures have the sole power to determine the manner of electing members of Congress, including establishing congressional district boundaries.

AI needs responsible regulation

Thank you so much for your recent story about how chatbots as lobbyists are likely to make laws less fair and transparent ("Lobbyists fueled by AI will hack the lawmaking process for hidden interests, technologists warn," web, March 15).

Words matter

Based only what is written in Bill Gertz's March 16 ("Inside the Ring") column, the U.S. flag has been restricted from any further use on the caskets of military retired and veterans.

You're a liar, Mr. President

President Biden tells us he had an "epiphany" about same-sex marriage when he was a senior in high school ("Biden mocked for story about same-sex marriage 'epiphany,'" web, March 14).

Bailing out Democratic Party

Who is too big to fail -- is it the banks, or is it really the Democratic Party ("Biden rushes to bail out Silicon Valley, continues to ignore East Palestine," web, March 13)?

Meta's prophetic name change

When Mark Zuckerberg renamed his Facebook and Instagram company Meta in 2021, a few people noted in passing that "meta" translates to "dead" in Hebrew.

Working Americans again foot bailout bill

After days of administration promises that there would be no bank bailout, we learn that there is indeed a bailout in the works ("Biden's 'bailout' a step toward government control of banking system, economists say," web, March 13).

D.C. deserves statehood

If residents of Virginia and Maryland have the unfettered right to decide their respective criminal codes, why shouldn't residents of the District of Columbia be accorded the same privilege?

Israel has every right to self-defense

The highly portentous, Chinese-brokered deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran is at once a move toward peace and signal of war ("Saudi deal with Iran worries Israel, shakes up Middle East," web, March 11).

Judge was right in embryo case

While I have not read the decision in question and can understand why some, especially African Americans, find it abhorrent, after reading "Virginia slave laws inform judge's ruling on frozen embryos" web, March 9), I believe that Fairfax County Circuit Judge Richard Gardiner exercised Solomonic wisdom.

Make criminals in office pay

As I and so many other Americans watch socialist Democrats on various congressional committees make absolute fools of themselves, it becomes as clear as glass that they do not know how to handle the truth swirling all around them ("Tucker Carlson blows up left's Jan. 6 narrative," web, March 8).

Sue mainstream media

The political left, of all groups, has given us the way to hold dishonest media accountable.

Letting government take our rights

When the FBI raided Donald Trump's home, our country should have reacted with shocked disbelief. Instead, our society turned a blind eye.