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Use modern 'fireside chats' with caution

After reading Daniel Gallington's insightful op-ed ("President Trumps tweets," Web, July 17) I am struck by another unique aspect of the tweeting experience: the intimacy of it. Although intimacy has its dangerous side, we are inescapably drawn to it like moths to a flame.

Taking offense at history backfires

Last week in Fairfax people voted to erase the name of Confederate Army Gen. J.E.B. "Jeb" Stuart from a high school. Assisting in this, from a great distance, was celebrity Julianne Moore, who is apparently still offended and bothered by the name of her former high school from some 30-plus years ago. Most people leave high school behind when they leave to pursue other things in life, but evidently not Ms. Moore.

Massive downsizing needed

In this era of "fake news," remorseless facts remain. The Medicare trustees have warned for more than a decade now of a coming negative cash flow and a "trust fund" depleted in 2029. Its report released earlier this month has been misleadingly characterized as positive. Only in Washington doublespeak can long-term shortfalls of $49 trillion be considered welcome. Medicare's chasm can barely be comprehended (it is nearly triple the U.S. GDP). While America has made peace with chronic deficits for several generations now, the bill is quickly coming due.

Politicians, not talk radio, to blame

This week Sen. John McCain returned to the Senate to chastise his fellow senators for, among other things, listening to the loud, bombastic voices of talk radio. In so doing, Mr. McCain made clear that our problem isn't talk radio, but is instead the swamp that is Washington.

Kudos to Trump on military move

President Trump deserves a lot of credit for making the difficult decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military. It is an important first step toward restoring American military might.

Good science not fear mongering

Richard Berman's recent op-ed in the Times ("Peddlers of junk science," Web, July 24) was intended to be about misinformation, but instead was an example of it. If Mr. Berman had bothered to do his research on Environmental Defense Fund, or had even just read The Washington Times, he'd know EDF has a reputation for working constructively with both Democrats and Republicans. For example, last year we joined with Sen. Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican, to pass smart chemical-safety reform.

Trump cabinet infiltrated?

It looks as though President Trump is having problems with his cabinet (Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions, to name a couple). It seems the "deep state," with the help of President Obama's National Security Agency, has some compromising evidence on members of the Trump administration.

State sentenced baby to death

The Charlie Gard case has exposed forever hereafter the ideological hypocrisy of "experts" for "the state" ("Charlie Gard's fate was at mercy of British government, not parents," Web, July 24). The state affirms a woman's right to choose to kill her unborn child but simultaneously denies the right of two loving parents to choose to save the life of their born son.

Let market decide insurance fate

The man-made disaster we call Obamacare needs to be repealed -- and not replaced with anything. Millions of people were forced to give up health-insurance policies with which they were perfectly happy, so claims that "millions will lose their coverage" when Obamacare hits the dumpster ring hollow. Millions of Americans have signed up kicking and screaming because they want medical insurance, while millions more signed up on the miserable exchange website only because the IRS would levy fines on them if they didn't.

Current bill worse than status quo

The Better Care Reconciliation Act is a cruel proposal. It guts Medicaid, an insurance program on which 74 million Americans -- including many seniors living in nursing homes -- rely. Millions of others covered under the Affordable Care Act will be subject to new, skyrocketing premiums, higher co-pays and reduced coverage, if they can afford insurance at all.

Jail Abbas for incitement

With the recent murder of three Israelis, a father and two children, in their home, the toll from Palestinian terrorist attacks in the past few days has reached five. Instead of accepting responsibility, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas acts yet again as the aggrieved party after inciting his Palestinian-Arab terrorists to commit murder.

Oregon abortion push beyond pale

Of all the life-threatening medical maladies a government could mandate others pay for, Oregon dictated that procured abortions be provided for all ("Oregon House Democrats pass bill providing free abortions for all, including illegal aliens," Web, July 2). The desperation and insecurity of those who propose that abortion is a choice couldn't be any clearer.

Trudeau is the terrorists' useful idiot

The West is in a worldwide war with terrorism and has been for many years ("The travesty of rewarding a terrorist," Web, July 23). A global battle such as this is not just a "domestic squabble," as stated by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Guns for defense only

Like civilians, law-enforcement officers possess deadly weapons only to defend themselves or others ("Timeline of Justine Damond shooting," Web, July 21). Questionable killings by police officers, such as the Damond shooting earlier this month in Minneapolis, require that police academies and any implicit "warrior" culture to be examined. Only combatants under the laws of war may legally initiate killing, and even then they may only kill armed enemy combatants, never civilians.

Selling out Americans for profit

It is incredible that Congress can pass legislation and quietly chip away at our privacy protection while the public sits unaware. Of course, the mainstream media doesn't report on such matters; it is too obsessed with President Trump and Obamacare.

Something sinister afoot?

I've been adding things up. Our government is unmanned at the highest levels in many crucial areas, most worrisomely in the State Department, the head of which is in deep for Russian oil. So many of President Trump's cabinet members have ties to Russia. Mr. Trump has given Russia status by meeting one-on-one with Vladimir Putin. Disturbingly, many Christians on the right now are enthralled with Mr. Putin. Departments are being dismantled, as many of our individual protections are being voted away by Congress.

Don't give police license to kill

I wonder how it is that people who have called 911 get shot by the responding police officers. In Minneapolis last weekend an Australian woman, Justine Damond, called 911 to report an assault ("Questions remain surrounding fatal Minnesota police shooting," Web, July 18).

Undoing U.K. mess no cakewalk

It is probably correct that Brexit will not be easy for the Brits ("Brexit won't be painless for U.K., say experts," Web, July 18). However, it provides a valuable learning experience for those who steered Great Britain into that nest of European socialism many years ago.

Greens should repay costs

The article "Colorado recall erupts into proxy battle on fracking between green groups, industry" (Web, July 18) was an interesting read. National green groups have been pushing for local fracking bans and recalls of local elected officials for years with little regard for the impact it will have on their finances. This has been on display in Youngstown, Ohio, where anti-fracking groups have unsuccessfully sought six times to ban fracking.

No unbiased news available

I have searched for an honest, nonbiased media source and found none. CNN, MSNBC, ABCnews, CBS News, NBC News, Fox News, Breitbart, etc. all have biases. Studies have shown that during the 2016 election there was an overwhelming liberal bias, and Wikileaks exposed numerous liberal reporters for unethical contact with the Clinton campaign.

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