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Democracy not always pretty

I congratulate Charles Hurt on the insight in his Commentary piece "McCarthy's path forward that even Republicans couldn't screw up" (Web, Jan. 5).

Biden's fake border visit

President Biden's sanitized visit to the southern border is very much like a 10-year-old doing what his or her parent wants but with a bad attitude.

Tax law reform needed now

Those who believe the mainstream media's claims that Donald Trump paid no taxes for years may want to turn off CNN and get out of the basement ("Rep. Kevin Brady sounds off on release of Trump taxes: 'Every American ought to be frightened,'" Web, Jan. 1).

Finish Bills-Bengals game

Unlike baseball, football is a sport with major postseason implications -- so canceling a game it is not a viable option ("NFL will not resume Bills-Bengals game," Web, Jan. 5).

GOP holdouts should pay price

The public watches in disbelief the antics of the holdouts in the Republic Party as repeat ballots fail to produce a House speaker ("McCarthy fails to secure votes for the sixth time, House remains in limbo," Web, Jan. 4).

Iran's creeping influence in Africa

Clifford May is right to note that both China and the Islamic State and its affiliates pose a threat to Africa's development and growth ("A sorry summit: Biden avoids pivotal issues in meeting with African leaders," Web, Jan. 3).

A real conservative for speaker

Your editorial urging the yahoos opposing Rep. Kevin McCarthy to just get on with it and elect the man anyway is typical of the Washington mentality ("Time for Republicans to unify and elect Kevin McCarthy as House speaker," Web, Jan. 4).

What's a 'crime,' anyway?

Twenty-first-century high drama cases give us the illusion that we are dealing adequately with crime in America.

Players turn to prayer for Hamlin

Monday was was a bad day for the Marxists in America who watched as two football teams knelt on the field in full view of millions to pray for an injured comrade ("Family of Bills' Hamlin thankful for outpouring of support," Web, Jan. 3).

Fairfax County must reassess 'equity'

Intentionally withholding recognition of students who excel in order to create equity does exactly the opposite ("Virginia's Lt. Gov. calls for investigation into top high school that withheld merit awards," Web, Dec. 31).

Sacrificing some students for others?

More than 1,000 students at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia, who were named National Merit Scholars were not informed of this accomplishment in a timely manner ("Virginia's Lt. Gov. calls for investigation into top high school that withheld merit awards," Web, Dec. 31).

Revoke Trump's taxpayer-funded privileges

The recent news that former President Donald Trump paid no federal income taxes for a number of years highlights the need for some form of congressional retaliation ("Trump's taxes: GOP defends ex-president amid warnings of 'dangerous precedent' set by Democrats," Web, Jan. 1).

Thrown under the omnibus

The recently passed $1.7 trillion spending bill is disgusting ("Omnibus bill affirms Congress' budgeting practices that spiked the national debt," Web, Dec. 27).

Overhyped DeSantis

In the recent midterm elections, Ron DeSantis had a massive victory in Florida.

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