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Space elements a defense requirement

Peter Vincent Pry has joined others who for the past three decades have warned that successive U.S. administrations have not done enough to ensure American security in this nuclear-proliferated world. ("Time to replace mutual assured nuclear destruction with a shield of space-based defenses," Web, Dec. 14).

Undeserved accolades from blind media

That 2020 has been a miserable year is a giant understatement. You have a governor who sent sick, COVID-19-infected, elderly people into nursing homes, resulting in the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers. That arrogant governor went on to write a book about it all, making millions of dollars and receiving an Emmy. In what world does Andrew Cuomo deserve millions of dollars in a book deal about his "leadership" during COVID-19, or an Emmy? Mr. Cuomo was and is an epic failure.

Media will make vaccine Biden triumph

When will the mainstream media and its so-called experts, who mocked President Trump and said there was no way there could be a vaccine for the coronavirus this year, admit they were wrong and the president was right?

Public schools no longer prepare students

While school boards around the U.S. are removing names such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison from public schools, rather than struggle to find "appropriate" descriptors they deem inoffensive to all special-interest groups, they might want to be honest about what these buildings have actually become. A groundswell of such action would simplify the task for these sheep-like public servants and clarify for parents across the country the stark contrast between public and private, charter and parochial schools.

Electoral College has been corrupted

The current fiasco of voter fraud and party corruption could have been avoided if the republic had followed the Constitution as the Founders intended. However, career politicians started to corrupt our founding ideas and principles almost from the beginning. One of the earliest constitutional programs to be corrupted was the Electoral College. By 1824, career politicians had found a way to circumvent the system.

Supreme Court has failed us

The Supreme Court has lost standing in the eyes of 75-million-plus Americans, 18 states, some territories and the president of the United States with its ruling against the Texas lawsuit ("Trump says Supreme Court 'let us down' on election challenge," Web, Dec. 12). Simply stated, the court showed no interest in what was a carefully planned intimidation, infiltration, bribery and censorship plot to steal a presidential election. It was a plot that has reduced our country, the last hope of civilization, to the level of the third world.

Trump to thank for vaccine

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Sen. Kamala Harris and more on the political left didn't want to get a COVID-19 vaccine if it came from the Trump administration. Even Joe Biden, who campaigned heavily on stricter virus-reduction measures, wasn't too pleased about receiving an effective vaccination under President Trump. Most of the left laughed at the president — yet here it is December, and the trucks have rolled in and every state is going to get the vaccine. Yes, even New York. (I don't know if the basement of Joe Biden's house will get any.)

No longer 'one' America

I still remember a cool October night in 1957 when my father took me downtown to a football game at Griffith Stadium between George Washington and the visiting Air Force Academy. The game had barely started when in walked President Eisenhower, surrounded by admirals and generals, without fanfare or announcement of any kind. You might have thought, however, that Caesar had just entered a Roman arena, the way a hush fell over the 12,000 spectators. All eyes turned to stare at the president, whose smooth head stood out among the behatted warriors around him.

At least Castro could orate

With media blackout on all things Biden, from gaffes galore to senile socialism, to begging the rich to pay their "fair share" of taxes while Joe, Jimmy and Hunter receive under-the-table income from lethal communists in exchange for White House influence, we are living in a dimension of surreal stupidity fit for a Mel Brooks movie.

Election legality not about Trump

In the Dec. 11 edition of The Washington Times, Dave Boyer and Alex Swoyer write an otherwise fine article on the Texas case, but it does not begin well. The piece begins: "Divided Republicans lined up with and against President Trump " This makes the president the central issue of the matter. But the legality and legitimacy of the Nov. 3, 2020, presidential elections in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — and their effects on the entire nation — are far more important than any single person or personality, including Donald Trump.

Don't let swamp win again

"The swamp" appears to be winning and may have won the latest presidential election. The idea that it is acceptable practice for sitting judges at any level to discount sworn affidavits describing election fraud is mind-boggling and should bring those judges' removal from their benches. That multiple jurisdictions continue to rely upon the execrable Dominion vote-counting systems immediately brings into question the numbers they generate and the motives of those defending them. These days, Dominion equals fraud. Those supporting or defending Dominion suborn fraud. The jurisdictions in which the vote totals widely exceed the number of registered voters obviously experienced fraud.

Cheap, effective anti-virus meds exist

"Will Biden give into the anti-Trump Hydroxy Effect?" (Web, Dec. 9) points out the falsehood that studies have shown hydroxychloroquine does not work. In fact, the principal study that supposedly showed that hydroxychloroquine does not work, published in The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine, were retracted some months ago, as reported in the preeminent journal Science on June 12. According to that report, the studies' three most prominent authors issued a statement saying, "We can no longer vouch for the veracity of the primary data sources."

Bidens' dirt in open -- but ignored

On Oct. 1, 2020, a front-page Washington Times piece by Rowan Scarborough had the following headline: "Treasury finds China sent cash to Biden's son." I still have that paper. And the mainstream press says this news is nothing right now. Wrong. People should have read this article so they'd know what was happening. America, wake up.

Don't compromise election integrity

The American people must ask and answer several questions. When does a certain major quantum of fraud, intentional recklessness and gross negligence in the election process call for a complete negation of the results? What is the exact level of fraud, recklessness and gross negligence that calls for a different resolution of the election under the U.S. Constitution?

Court has chance to stop the stealing

We are in the process of being mortally conned — and only the U.S. Supreme Court can save us. There is now irrefutable proof, including video, that during and immediately after Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin experienced their night-time mail-in-vote-counting interruptions, Joe Biden received an enormous injection of votes, enough to overcome huge Trump leads and swing the election his way in all four states.

Keep up the fight

In the wake of the 2020 presidential election, some dangerous misconceptions have come to light. Leftists do not seem to understand the difference between a political contest and political conquest. That is made obvious by their totalitarian retaliatory tactics vowed against anyone not of their political persuasion. They also apparently believe that the election is officially decided by the stated calculations of the mainstream media, as opposed to certification by the Electoral College.

Don't let truancy slide

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I believe we must focus on the hidden terrible cost our society is paying due to COVID-19 policies. Nationwide, there are 1.3 million public school students "missing" or unaccounted for due to public policies in response to the pandemic. I did not realize how serious this issue was until I watched "60 Minutes" on Nov. 22 and did further research myself. Much of the program focused on Florida, where 240,000 students are missing. According to CBS, Florida is proactive in fielding dozens of truancy enforcement officers, who are on the streets trying to round up these kids. Apparently it is very much an uphill effort. There were many cases cited in which there is no valid reason for student to not be attending (other than failure by parents to act responsibly).

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