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Trump deserves shot at 2024

The calls to move past Donald Trump have to be ignored by the voters ("Mutiny: GOP figures turn on Trump for deflating party's midterm score," Web, Nov. 10).

Left cashes in on sex changes

President Biden and the Democrats are pushing gender change for preteens without parents' knowledge ("Biden puts girls at risk to advance radical transgender agenda," Web, Oct. 31).

Thanks a lot, GOP

The cowardly GOP just failed America by allowing the crooked Clintons and their endless basket of deplorable operatives and dirty political tricks to out-hoax everyone in Washington -- again ("Mutiny: GOP figures turn on Trump for deflating party's midterm score," Web, Nov. 10).

Remember Armistice Day, too

As we honor our veterans today, we should also remember the lives lost on Nov. 11, 1918, the day the armistice ending World War I went into effect.

Ironic "autocracy" speech

President Biden's recent lecture on autocracy being "the rule of one: one person, one interest, one ideology, one party" lacked introspection -- and was sadly ironic in its applicability to his own administration.

Lies hurt our democracy

Politics is a contact sport and professional politicians, like the Democratic Party's leading luminaries, have many decades in the sordid trenches ("Democrats out of touch with what most Americans care about," Web. Nov. 7).

Let's get to work

"Let them eat cake" has become "Let them eat Chef Boyardee."

Christian or Democrat, not both

In "No such thing as a 'Christian Democrat'" (Web, Oct. 30) Everett Piper, a former university president, writes that "today's Democratic party is no longer a party that any thoughtful Christian, whether they be Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, evangelical or mainline Protestant, can support."

Impeach Biden

If it weren't so serious, I'd find President Biden's recent acknowledgement that he could be impeached following the midterms comical.

Nov. 8 trumps Jan. 6

For two years Democrats, Big Tech and the mainstream media have colluded to vilify and cancel those who disagree.

Vote to put us back on track

It's election week, and one of our great values is the freedom to choose our elected officials. During last month's New York gubernatorial debate, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul told her opponent Rep. Lee Zeldin that she didn't understand why locking up criminals "is so important to" him. That sort of obliviousness helps explain why a recent CBS poll indicated that nearly 80% of voters think our country is out of control and that our current public officials are out of touch.

Send illegals to Trudeau

President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas claim that our southern boarder is secure, but that is laughable ("Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar says southern border 'is not secure' amid record apprehensions," Web, Oct. 23).

Money shouldn't decide elections

Dinesh D'Souza received a five-year jail sentence for contributing $20,000 to a friend's political campaign -- but Mark Zuckerberg was free to spend $400 million to influence a presidential election with severe global consequences ("Mark Zuckerberg learns the hard way that politics is a full-contact sport," Web, Nov. 1).

Raise the Social Security age

As the Social Security system is fast approaching a point of crisis -- being unable to pay the full amount of promised benefits to retirees -- politicians are floating potential solutions.

Can America be saved?

Indicators of America's dying society include social isolation, distrust among the population, a deterioration of the family unit, vile information censorship by a corrupt media, faltering educational standards and performance, group radicalization and an acceptance of voting fraud by a large swath of the population in both national and local elections.

Stricter sentencing, not more laws

Gun Owners of America's John Velleco is spot on: When it comes to violence and mass killings committed by disturbed and/or hate-filled people bent on harming others, guns are by no means the only tools available ("The IRS is the only assault weapon we should ban," Web, Sept. 6).

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