Thursday, August 13, 2020


Hello to you all, rebellious supporters of the Resistance across the world, and to our esteemed friends of the Iranian people and Resistance, supporters of democracy and human rights who have joined us from five continents in the world. Welcome to you all!

Hello to all sisters and brothers, who have joined Iranians around the world in a glorious symbol of willpower; a coming together that is building a future, heralding the spring, and breaking the spell of the night.

What kind of a seed is this that has grown so miraculously, branching out like a forest, in sync with the tune of the spring.

Our warmest greetings from Ashraf 3 to supporters of Ashraf across Iran, Resistance Units, rebellious forces and fiery spirits; to those who make sacrifices to liberate Iran; to those who have built a human chain that joins the 2020 summit to every part of Iran; shining like a light that passes through the depths of the clerical regime’s dark dungeons, along the uprisings of December 2017, and November 2019, making the ruling criminals terrified of being overthrown, and paving the way for triumph in the light-filled Iran of tomorrow.

As we approach July 21, the anniversary of the historic uprising of the Iranian people against reactionary ideology and colonialism and for restoring the nationalist and democratic government of Dr. Mohammad Mossadeq, the Free Iran Global Summit is the renewal of our commitment with the martyrs of the July 21, 1952, those shining stars in the dawn of a bright morning.

Moreover, on the anniversary of the foundation of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the only independent and democratic alternative, in 1981, the Free Iran Global Summit is an expression of the Iranian people’s commitment and determination to overthrow the current ruling criminals.

As the Iranian Resistance’s Leader said in March, if “Khamenei and Rouhani have adopted a strategy of causing mass casualties by sending people to the minefields of coronavirus in order to ward off the threat of being overthrown during the times of coming under sanctions, a strategy along the same lines of the unpatriotic war and the massacre of political prisoners,” where “every death is an opportunity and gift” for them, for our part, we will turn this situation “into the death knell of overthrow and tick tock of uprising through rebellion and reinforced battle.” And we chant: “Rebels will win victory.”

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