Thursday, August 13, 2020


I was in solitary confinement for two years and 40 days in a disgusting complex called “residential unit,” a complex set up by the regime to break the will of female Mojahedin-affiliated prisoners in Ghezel Hesar Prison. Several of the women held in this place for a year or more lost their mental balance due to unimaginable abuse and inhuman conditions and could not recount what happened to them. A few survivors described how they were forced to make animal sounds, while crawling on their hands and knees as male torturers rode on their backs. Several were raped. This is the filthy consequence of the ideology of the mullahs.

When I came out of prison I could not stop thinking about what had happened to me and the rest of my friends for a long time. We endured physical and psychological torture.

I will repeat these testimonies a hundred more times if necessary, and I will not be tired of saying them, because the world must know what happened to the Mojahedin in these 40 years and about the many executed. . I testify so European leaders will hear, and anyone who thinks they can shake hands of friendship with this regime must remember my tortures in those moments and ask themselves how it feels to make it easy for wolves dressed as sheep?

Our people, who experience these wolves up close every day, cannot tolerate handshakes with their killers.

But let me say this: we are determined, to overthrow this regime, and we will overcome any obstacle.

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