Thursday, August 13, 2020


The Houthi militia, supported by the Iranian regime, turned against the popular authority in our country, represented by President-elect President Abd Rabbuh Mansour al-Hadi, in September 2014, in an attempt to transfer the Iranian version to Yemen. It detained the president, occupied the institutions in the capital, Sanaa, and seized stores and arsenals of the Yemeni army of weapons and missiles to launch proxy wars for the Iranian regime in the region. The mullahs’ regime in Iran has fought the Yemeni people by pushing the Houthi militia to overthrow this democratic path and the peaceful transition process. Their goal is a path of war, destruction, and violence. As a result, Yemen has turned into a major human tragedy and is currently considered the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

The existential and significant threat posed by the Iranian regime to Yemen and the people of the region undermines the national state, turning it into sects and destroying the national armies for the benefit of the militias. It caused the death and injury of more than 200,000 in Yemen.

There is no doubt that the absolute clerical rule is the source of this suffering, repression, corruption, and a threat to all democratic values and human rights not only in Iran, but throughout the whole region. For us, the continued survival of the fascist Iranian regime means wars, the destruction of societies, and the threat to international peace and security.

The lessons of life have taught us and throughout history that living peoples continue to resist oppression and darkness in pursuit of light and values of freedom, and there is no doubt that the Iranian resistance is represented by the brotherhood in the Mojahein Movement and the National Council of Resistance of Iran led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, and through the 10 principles program presented by her as a frame of reference. I would like to say to Mrs. Maryam, you are an inspiration to all the free people of the world and all human rights defenders. You are a renewed school of people’s struggle and resistance to oppression and tyranny.

Solidarity with the Iranian people and with you is solidarity for freedom, and it is solidarity for the dignity of the brotherly Iranian people and for the sake of preserving regional and international security and peace.

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