Thursday, August 13, 2020


I am thrilled to be the first person to say welcome to all members of opposition who live in Tirana. We all know that Iranian diplomats have been expelled from Albania for their involvement in terrorism. These madmen tried to kill MEK members in Albania. If the regime cannot tolerate its opponents thousand kilometers away from home, you can imagine how they react to the resistance inside Iran and around them. They do threaten, terrorize, and kill to remain in power. In July, Iranian regime executed a man in Iran just for drinking alcohol.

The cruelty is a mainstay for a regime that supports and funds international terrorism. The regime wants to scare people throughout Iran to prevent another uprising to change the regime. As they did two months ago when the regime arrested eight students in the university for supporting the MEK. Now, they want to execute these students. This is also to scare those students in Iran. We have experienced this in Albania as well. The cruelty will not work and will not silence people’s quest for freedom In Iran.

Mrs. Rajavi, as you know, Albania is a second home for Iranian opposition. Albania is happy to host the viable and democratic opposition to the Iranian regime. We know that with a leader like you, Iran will win its freedom and a democratic system. And next year, we will have a conference in a free Iran.

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