Thursday, August 13, 2020


While we are gathered here for the Free Iran Global Summit, the United Nations Security Council is discussing the possible lifting of the arms embargo from the United Nations against Iran. It has been proved that Iran does not respect international laws, but funds and directs the terrorists in many countries. We know that from international agencies, from the United States Department of State, from the Iranian people and their resistance movement.

In the latest protests in November, 2019, in Iran, the people, the crowd were shouting, “Leave Syria, think about us.” People are deprived of what is needed for everyday life to protect themselves from the pandemic. They are furious about the national wealth being spent on the regime’s destabilizing activities outside Iran. Therefore, there is no reason why the United Nations should lift the embargo. Such a decision would only enable the regime to develop and export weapons to threaten the Middle East, the international security, and even the European capitals.

It is irresponsible to trust the Iranian regime and imagine that it would behave wisely if the arms embargo ends. The Iranian people are protesting against such a move. As we speak, this regime is destabilizing Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Yemen. According to the latest reports of the International Agency for Atomic Energy, the Iranian regime has cheated about the JCPOA treaty, and has never told the truth about its nuclear activities.

I strongly believe that our European governments should encourage the United Nations to extend the embargo and give their support to the United States in this regard. We must do this for international peace, for the security of our countries, and to support the Iranian people in their resistance movement against this regime for freedom and democracy.

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