Thursday, August 13, 2020


Mrs. Rajavi, honorable guests, dear friends, it’s an honor for me to participate in this event. I would like to express my full support and solidarity for the Iranian people’s struggles and aspirations for freedom and democracy. The whole world has witnessed how many innocent Iranian people have lost their lives fighting for a free, democratic, and secular Iran. We strongly condemn the killing of thousands of innocent Iranian people from the existing regime.

Today, the world is facing huge difficulties because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the situation in Iran has become even worse. The Iranian regime, engulfed in political, economic, and social crises, has left innocent people of Iran undefended against pandemic. The Iranian regime must be held responsible. We stand beside the Iranian people by continuing to hold legitimate and peaceful protests against an oppressive and corrupt regime. We stand firm against all kinds of repression, terrorism, and export of fundamentalism from the Iranian regime. We will continue to advocate for an Iran that is non-nuclear, democratic, secular and free.

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