Thursday, August 13, 2020


Congratulations to Mrs. Rajavi and the NCRI for their effective exposure of the Iranian regime’s dreadful ill-deeds. I’d like to congratulate the NCRI also on their clear representation of what an alternative democratic government would look like in Iran. Unfortunately, under the current regime, Iran has become the leading state sponsor of terrorism and is responsible for a large number of terrorist plots around the world since 1979.

The NCRI, through its network, has been instrumental in exposing the regime’s terrorism and terrorist activities abroad. Last year, it published a report, Iran’s Emissaries of Terror, which explains the extent Tehran’s embassies and diplomats are involved in planning and executing international terrorism.

I want to pay tribute to NCRI members who are in Tirana, Albania and to the Government of Albania. The Albanian government has been brave and bold, even under a great deal of pressure from the Iranian regime. It has expelled the regime’s diplomats and, indeed, the Ambassador from the country for conspiring to commit terrorist acts against the PMOI members in Albania.

I would welcome clearer action against the Iranian regime by the European Union itself, by the governments of the European Union, and by the United Kingdom. There seems to be a tendency towards compromise which I do not support. There is strong cross-party support for the 10-point plan for the future of Iran, which Mrs. Rajavi has published. That has been developed into something that is like a government program, which I regard as a very important step.

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