Thursday, August 13, 2020


Greetings to all the Iranians in Iran and abroad. We are grateful that coronavirus did not prevent this event, especially at the time that Iranian resistance is closer to its final victory than ever.

Iran is a great nation with great civilization which has contributed so much to the world. Unfortunately, it has been taken hostage by dictatorial regimes. The news of arrests of those protesting in November 2019 is horrifying.

The regime has not been brought to justice for its many crimes in 1988, and is committing a new kind of massacre against its citizens. I think that the democratic societies should never remain silent with regimes of this kind under any kind of pretext.

Together, we should stand with the Iranian Resistance and with Iranian citizens to form a new government and make changes to establish democracy in their own country.

Albanians share core values including democracy and freedom. We support you in any of your steps in order that you can reach victory. When I say victory, I mean the freedom of Iran and a democratic government in Iran. We are with you, the people of Ashraf 3, the people of MEK, and let’s hope that very soon Iran will be free and all the Iranian people will be free.

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