Thursday, August 13, 2020


I am really honored to be one of the first Albanians, with some other friends, to support the transition from Ashraf to Albania. All political parties in Albania support MEK and Iranian resistance. Albanian political leaders are behind you and supporting you all.

I want to start with what former Prime Minister Berisha mentioned, it is time that Albanians take a decisive step to halt relations with the Iranian regime. They tried to carry out a terrorist attack on our soil. So, they should take the responsibility to face the situation.

The second point is the proposition from Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Judge Louis Freeh on how we can work to bring to court some of the crimes that the Iranian regime is committing against its own people, atrocities, killing people, sending people to jail.

I also think it’s the time for the Albanian Parliament to act in the same way as the Congress of the United States acted with a joint resolution, majority and the opposition, condemning what the Iranian regime is doing in Iran. Iran is presenting a threat to our security. We are a NATO country. So, we have the authority to start talking about the situation in NATO meetings with the leadership of our Minister of Defense and Minister of Foreign Affairs. This should become a subject of discussion to the biggest organization, the U.N. General Assembly.

It’s time that Albanians should think that if we gave shelter to you and make you feel at home, then you are fighting for the right cause. We should join you in actions. Not just joining you in conferences, but also in certain activities that will give both of us the ability to raise this issue to another level in international organizations. I think we will have more support from the EU because it will understand the situation better.

Action which will prove that Albanians stand for freedom, liberty, and a free Iran. So, I will close with words from President Lincoln: government of the people, by the people, for the people, that’s what Iran needs. And you have a wonderful plan of 10-points of Madame Rajavi that everybody’s appreciating around the world. We should be part of explaining this 10-point plan to everybody and join you as a team to do the best for Iran and the Iranian resistance.

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