Thursday, August 13, 2020


It is a real pleasure and honor for me to bring greetings from Canada to the millions of people who share your struggle for freedom and democracy and promote human rights all across Iran. A special hello to my good friend Madam Rajavi and my friends both in Iran and around the world who are joining this incredible celebration. I’m so thrilled to associate myself with this great struggle. I had the great honor and privilege for the last five years to work with the NCRI, and I have to tell you their plans for the bright future of Iran are incredible. Their organizational capacity is second to none, the significant popular support that it enjoys in Iran and with the Iranian diaspora around the world is incredible and is an inspiration. I am inspired by their sophisticated use of technology. But, most importantly, I admire the determination for freedom inside the heart and soul or every Iranian in Iran and around the world. So much that is discussed, with respect to Iran, is the deteriorating human rights record, the nuclear program, and the governments and mullahs’ support for terrorism around the world. But, what really matters is the freedom and the dignity of the Iranian people. What really matters is their prosperity, their capacity to be able to raise a family in peace, freedom, and to be happy. And what we have seen from this regime has been nothing but mismanagement and incompetence. But since then we have seen COVID-19 grip around the world, and what we have seen is that the Iranian government has mismanaged this crisis perhaps worse than any other government in the world. And the people of Iran paid a heavy price.

We look forward to the day where we can gather in a future Iran to celebrate the success of the NCRI and to celebrate the success of the Iranian people in Tehran next year. We are tremendously privileged to support this great cause and the people of Iran seeking a better day and a brighter future. Let me tell you the people of Canada strongly stand with you, and we’ll fight for you. You will remember who stood with you in these dark, dark hours. So, I say to the mullahs, your time has come. I say to the mullahs, it’s time for you to go. Hazar, Hazar, Hazar. God bless the people of Iran. God bless the people fighting for this struggle. God bless the leadership of Maryam Rajavi.

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