Thursday, August 13, 2020


I am proud and happy to stand with the millions of people of Iran, both in Iran and Iranians around the world who are fighting for democracy and freedom. The Iranian people deserve to have democracy and freedom. They deserve to live under a system of rule of law and the respect of fundamental human rights.

The Iranian culture is an old, traditional, and rich one. They’ve made great contributions to humanity, and, I believe, the greatness of Iran is still ahead of it. They will achieve that greatness with democracy and liberty and by joining the community of great democracies around the world. The people of Iran have stood up inside their country, fighting back against the IRGC and this brutal despot regime. They will not stop until they achieve what they so deservedly need.

This year, the Free Iran Global Summit is not coming together as it has in the past because of COVID-19, unfortunately. But, I can tell you that nothing will hinder this movement, nothing will prevent the people of Iran from reaching their destiny and being able to bask in that freedom and democracy.

Let’s continue the fight. Freedom and democracy is worth it. The people of Iran deserve it.

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