Thursday, August 13, 2020


The mullahs’ regime has committed many crimes against the people of Iranian Kurdistan. Any action or civil rights activity is being branded as a security issue, and dozens of Kurds are being executed.

This regime is based on terrorism, and most terrorist activities around the world have their fingerprints. It is their method, approach, and tool for pursuing their goals and extending their existence.

Our organization and its leadership have been the target of many terrorist attacks by the regime. We need to unite because of the tireless efforts of the Iranian Resistance and the continued uprisings in Iran and the growth of Resistance Units all over Iran. The regime is struggling under many crises, and the international community must see that this regime is against the interests of all people across the globe. This requires unity from all of us. The existence of the NCRI is very valuable. I am very happy to see that we have this alternative, which paves the correct political path. We reiterate our unity with the NCRI and the MEK. We continue this unity until the overthrow of this regime.

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