Thursday, August 13, 2020


I applaud Madame Rajavi. I applaud the distinguished guests. And I applaud the men and women and the patriots in Ashraf 3.

The global summit may be, at least to date, unprecedented in its scale and its mission. Think about this for a moment, the organizational creativity, ingenuity, and the technical skills that brought together individuals from over 100 countries at 30,000 locations in support of the NCRI, in support of the patriots of Ashraf, in support of the freedom-loving people of Iran, I don’t believe to date that any enterprise or any organization, large or small, government or private sector, has undertaken such an extraordinary effort with such unique and powerful results. One would think that if you take that ingenuity and creativity and commitment to excellence and that positive reach and positive connection globally, if you took that mindset that exists outside of Iran and you relocate it inside Iran, what a different, positive place the country would be at this point. Particularly, you build on the history of Persia, and build on the incredible educational capabilities and intellect of the Iranian people. You take all that and put it on the history and the foundation of the existing population within Iran, what an incredible place Iran would be and how it would reemerge in the global community as the peace-loving, intellectual leader.

The tentacles of terrorism still reach out from Tehran. Rouhani, the mullahs, and their oppressive regime have turned their backs on the people of Iran. They probably have squandered billions of dollars, as President Bush said back in 2002, they were part of the axis of evil, spreading their evil with those tentacles of terrorism throughout the world. Instead of using those dollars that they had at their disposal to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Iran to improve educational opportunities to help people remove themselves from the restraints of poverty, they’ve used it to continue to export their terrorism and repression around the world. Let us make no mistake about it. Permit me to start with the countries where their tentacles have reached and influenced. There is a hidden occupation of Iran in Iraq. Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, as far as Argentina. Lebanon. And I know I am missing many more, but that’s just the point.

The mullahs and Rouhani oversee the central bank of terrorism. Their embassies in many of the countries have become branch banks. It is within those embassies that logistical support for spies and terrorists are made. It is within those embassies that they stimulate chaos and anti-government activity, specifically anti-Western activity.

We have also learned over the past several years that appeasement doesn’t work. I just completed several books on Churchill. One of the chapters focused on Neville Chamberlain’s multiple meetings with Hitler and his announcement that, “peace is at hand,” after the final meeting concluded. And we know how appeasement to that rapacious, oppressive, individual worked out. But we have got to learn some lessons from history. Appeasement with the Iranian government will not lead to peace. It never has, and it never will. So, we need to ask these countries where they’ve established these embassies to rid themselves of their diplomatic corps, particularly in those countries where we can identify terrorist activity, much of it built and designed to undermine those governments in and of themselves.

It is time for the world to embrace regime change. It’s time for the world to recognize that within the NCRI, this incredible organization led by a leader who has been able to generate global support for her vision, a non-nuclear Iran that understands and promotes gender equality, freedom of speech, separation of religion and state. So, I say to those who have participated during the past three days of this unprecedented summit, for those who continue to publicly, loudly, and consistently proclaim their support for the NCRI and for the freedom-loving people of Iran, that I’m very proud to be part of this group. It grows larger and more global every year.

I will say finally to the residents of Ashraf 3. I have heard many stories about your individual acts of bravery and sacrifice. And I’ve known full well what you’ve endured at Ashraf 1 and Ashraf 2, and I’m grateful that the people of Albania and the government of Albania has embraced you and given you a place to at least call your temporary home until we meet again in Tehran. But the struggle, the sacrifice, and your commitment frankly is an inspiration to all of us who have joined together over the past decade plus to see to it that someday you have the opportunity to return and rebuild on the history and the tradition of the glorious world of Persia a new and peace-loving Iran.

I am pleased to be on that mission with you. And I plan on staying with you as all of the others who have participated in this three-day global summit to remain with you until we achieve victory, and when we’ll be dancing together in the streets of Tehran.

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