Thursday, August 13, 2020


Hello, all my friends in Tirana in the new Ashraf. It is so good to be with you virtually. What a great inspiration you have all been in carrying on this message of freedom and hope because you have literally had to rebuild your culture and your home many times over after the bombings in Iraq by the Iranian puppets. And now that you are in Tirana, how beautiful it is that you are in Tirana, but the future Ashraf will be in Tehran. And that is where we will meet next time, provided we can extinguish the virus.

The virus of religious fascism has made the people of Iran very sick and has cost the lives of millions of Iranians. The virus of the mullahs of religious fascism needs to be extinguished. We know that the principles of Madame Rajavi, the principles of NCRI, MEK are going to provide that vaccination to bring a hope and a future to the people of Iran. Because it is that 10-point plan, it is that inspired leadership of Madame Rajavi, that is really going to bring democracy, freedom, human rights, all of the things that are going to extinguish this awful, insidious virus of religious fascism and help replace it with the kind of society that will allow the great people of a historic civilization of Persia to thrive and to once again lead the world in literature, in art, in thought and democracy. How great it is that we have an organization like NCRI and MEK that is helping to bring that day about.

I think it can be said for my generation, for the young people in Iran particularly, that their generation is going to turn the page of this generation’s biggest test for freedom. That is, whether we can push the mullahs into the dustbin of history, and we can bring the great people of Iran back to the world stage with their human rights back, a great economy, and a great power that will allow all of our world to flourish. Because, you see, this is not just a fight for Iranians and the Iranian diaspora, this is a fight of all human beings. Because as Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” And certainly, we know, as the leading state sponsor of terrorism that Iran is a threat to justice and peace and stability everywhere in the world. And that is why it is so incumbent upon all of us who are gathered around the world in over 100 countries and 30,000 locations, that we join together. iIt’s really the NCRI, MEK, that’s going to permit that day to come about where we can transition from this terrible period in history, which has been dominated by the Shah and the mullahs who really extorted the people of Iran for their own personal gain, for us to go back to a time of a great civilization where people who are the most educated in the world came from Iran.

I am so honored to be with all of you again as I have been so many times before. But let us make sure next time we get a vaccination. And when we get that vaccination and have NCRI and MEK and all of those who are fighting for freedom in Iran help to deliver it for the people of Iran for a free Iran, we will be able to meet in person in a new and free Iran. And we will go from Tirana to Tehran. When we do, I join with all of my friends in saying that we’re all ready.

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