Thursday, August 13, 2020


Iran is a great country. Its people have a great history. Regrettably, a reactionary, medieval regime is ruling it. We hope that the great people of Iran would get rid of this abusive regime, which irritates its neighbors and all the world, a regime that is internationally isolated. We hope for a day when this resolute and strong woman, Maryam Rajavi, would come to power in that country, with all the cultural and civility that we have heard from her and with her ability to form a vast opposition movement that has been recognized by personalities around the world. Today, we are witnessing a gathering and an opposition program where many world personalities are attending. They are supporting Mrs. Rajavi’s plans for her country. We must stand with the Iranian people in their efforts to rid the Persian Gulf, and the region and the world of this menacing and reactionary regime. It has been proven that the regime cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. They are evil forces and cannot be trusted with any sort of weaponry.

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