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U.S. airlines lead the way in jobs and sustainability

Earth Month represents the opportunity to celebrate the innovation and ingenuity that have allowed our industry to be cleaner and more efficient.

Fixing a broken energy permitting system

America's energy demands are rapidly increasing. Some estimates say the U.S. will need to double the capacity of our grid by 2050 if there is any chance of meeting net-zero goals.

Unleashing American energy and mineral dominance

The House Republican majority passed H.R. 1, the Bipartisan Lower Energy Costs Act, which includes my own bill, the Permitting for Mining Needs (PERMIT-MN) Act, through the House.

Want to unleash American energy? Start with permitting reform

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have called for permitting reform to ensure we can build the energy infrastructure our country needs and AXPC believes that modernizing federal permitting is an essential reform.

Administration's new rule muddies water for all Americans

House Republicans have maximized the first 100 days of our majority to follow through on our Commitment to America, and the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee has been instrumental in this effort.

Time to end business as usual with China

Joe Biden's record over the last half century proves one thing -- he will never get serious about China. As a result, America's energy security and national security are threatened.

We cannot build American without permitting reform

Build American. President Biden tagged this phrase when he visited my congressional district last year, and I hear it from my Republican colleagues on my side of the aisle nearly every day.