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U.S. Sen. Bob Casey and U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell

It's time to care for the caregivers

Sophia Samuel of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, faced the difficult choice that millions of Americans across our Nation are forced to confront.

Congress must act to reform the military health system

When people think of the military they think of fighter jets, tanks, aircraft carriers, and missiles. No matter how advanced our technology gets, the most important thing about the U.S. Military is the people.

Ebrahim Raisi, the henchman of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners.

End Culture of Impunity

Hold Iran Regime's President-elect Ebrahim Raisi Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity

Evolution Exposed: A Brief Overview

We've been sold a bill of goods. Namely that mutations and natural selection have produced the animal kingdom from the first cell to the human race and we have bought it.

Russians and Americans plant "Friendship" tree in the "Victory Park" on Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow on April 25, 2021.

Happy V-E Day

Presently the state of the relations between the United States and Russia is at an unprecedentedly low and dangerous level.

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