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Thom Loverro

Thom Loverro

Thom Loverro has been a professional journalist since 1977, working for a number of newspapers, including eight years as a news editor and reporter for The Baltimore Sun, where he covered government, politics, and crime. He moved into sports writing when he joined The Washington Times in 1992. He moved to The Washington Examiner as a sports columnist in 2009 and returned to The Washington Times in 2013, where he is currently the lead sports columnist.

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Columns by Thom Loverro

Theodore recognizes his purpose

Thom Loverro: You can't have too many results like the seven goals the Capitals allowed against the Thrashers, or else it defeats the purpose of having a goalie Published October 12, 2008

The Torre factor

Thom Loverro: Dodgers have big advantage in manager. Published October 9, 2008

LOVERRO: Embrace FedEx for all its foibles

Stop complaining about the high-priced tickets, the traffic and everything else that has made FedEx Field a less-than-ideal fan experience. You'd better give the hated stadium a warm embrace and love it. Published October 4, 2008

Thom Loverro: Rain saves the District some embarrassment

The Washington Nationals' fan appreciation night - the final home game in the inaugural season at Nationals Park - was rained out Thursday night, an appropriate close to a season that started with so much promise yet ended in gloom and doom. Published September 26, 2008

Thom Loverro: Nats franchise is no jewel

More than two years after the Lerners took ownership of the team, the Washington Nationals don't even qualify as cubic zirconia. Published September 23, 2008

Thom Loverro: Receiving some help to justify a gamble

Vinny Cerrato's top three picks all saw playing time in the Washington Redskins' victory over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, perhaps providing a sign his gamble in the draft will pay off. Published September 16, 2008

Thom Loverro: Gibbs’ example allows lenience

Among the three Super Bowl trophies at Redskin Park and all the other symbols of the glory days, there should be some sort of trophy or banner or something that symbolizes the gift Joe Gibbs left behind for all coaches who follow him. Published September 13, 2008

The best adjustment? Just not needing one

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The only thing different about the Washington Redskins' season opener Thursday night against the New York Giants with Jim Zorn on the sideline - as opposed to having Joe Gibbs there for the last four years - was, well, you tell me. Published September 6, 2008

Thom Loverro: Subtracting and adding to avoid 100

It's September, and baseball is all about numbers in September - how many games ahead, how many games behind, how many games separating the wild card teams, how many games left at home, how many on the road and on and on. Published September 2, 2008