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Friday, January 27, 2023

President Biden is headed to Camp David this weekend, avoiding his Delaware homes in an effort to distance himself from the ongoing crisis over his mishandling of classified documents.

Mr. Biden is set to depart Friday evening for Camp David, skipping his Wilmington, Delaware, home, where yet another batch of classified documents was discovered last week. He decided against going to his Rehoboth Beach house, where investigators are reportedly considering requesting a search.

Since taking office in 2021, Mr. Biden has spent 164 days at his Wilmington home and 66 days at Camp David, according to a review of his schedule by The Washington Times. He has spent roughly 30 days at his Rehoboth Beach home, with visits largely confined to the summer months.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Mr. Biden will leave Camp David on Sunday and travel to his Wilmington home for just one night before returning to the White House on Monday.

“I don’t have anything to preview about what he’s going to be doing specifically. All I can do is tell you he’ll be leaving Camp David and going to Wilmington, Delaware,” she said.

Mr. Biden spent last weekend at his Rehoboth Beach house, leaving the day after Justice Department investigators spent 13 hours searching his Wilmington home for classified documents. The search turned up six items containing classified documents, according to a statement by his attorneys. It was the third time classified documents were found at the Wilmington residence.

The president’s lawyers uncovered the first batch of classified documents inside the Penn Biden Center, a Washington think tank where Mr. Biden once had an office.

Investigators are now weighing a request to search Mr. Biden‘s Rehoboth Beach, according to a CBS News report. The Justice Department is reportedly not considering a warrant, but rather a request to access the property through the president’s attorneys.

Last week’s search came after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to say whether Mr. Biden‘s trip to his beach home in the dead of winter had anything to do with the burgeoning scandal.

“As it relates specifically to the investigation, I would refer you to the Department of Justice, so I’m not going to comment on that piece at all from here,” she told reporters. “As it relates to his travel, as you know, he often travels to Delaware on the weekend. I don’t have anything else to share.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland earlier this month appointed Robert Hur as special counsel to investigate the potentially illegal mishandling of classified documents.

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