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Monday, January 24, 2022


Speaking of “gun crimes,” there is nothing in the world more dangerous than a gun in the hands of a desperate idiot with nothing to lose.

Except, maybe, President Biden.

Sure, he is a desperate idiot with the world’s most powerful weapon in his hands and nothing to lose, but he is so much worse than that.

He is a desperate, dangerous weapon-wielding idiot who suffers from the profound delusion that he is some kind of expert on the world stage and knows what he is doing.

For the better part of 50 years, Mr. Biden has been one of the reigning experts on foreign policy in Washington. Twenty-five years ago, Mr. Biden became the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and served as chair of that vaunted committee for much of the following decade.

It was his “expertise” on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — along with his well-known prowess as a harmless, old, caucasian coot with bad hair plugs — that got him promoted to vice president of the United States under former President Barack Obama in 2008.

Only in Washington could a fool with Mr. Biden’s record of failure, dishonesty and disaster keep getting promoted until reaching the highest office in the land. Mr. Biden’s wake in the world is nothing but wreckage and misery.

Few members of Congress on either side of the aisle were more blood-thirsty in their zeal to launch a war against Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein back in 2002.

As chair of the Foreign Relations Committee during those debates, Mr. Biden claimed Hussein was a grave and imminent threat to the United States and should be removed at all cost. He enthusiastically voted for the war and breathlessly rallied fellow members of Congress to join his bipartisan war party.

Yet within the course of just one election cycle, Mr. Biden reversed course and voted to abandon the troops he had voted to send into battle. He was stunned, apparently, to learn that war is hard and ugly and painful — especially come election time. Too bad he did not consider that when he voted to send our boys to die in the first place.

(This is the point at which Mr. Biden normally chokes up and starts talking about his good son — not the crackhead Chinese stooge in a leather halter, the other one — the one who died from a brain tumor. The one who served as a lawyer in the U.S. Army. But, to be clear, this good son was not among those good sons of America that Mr. Biden sent to die in the desert sands of Iraq.)

Now Mr. Biden finds himself in the most desperate political situation of his life.

Our own borders have collapsed, violent crime is rampant, inflation is soaring, store shelves are bare, gas prices are spiking, and the economy looks to be headed for a dark recession. Every one of these miseries can be traced directly back to Mr. Biden. Every one of those policies — not to mention his crazy, unhinged rhetoric — will be turned into powerful campaign commercials against him.

So, as swamp vermin often do, Mr. Biden casts his eye abroad for some shiny mayhem and bloodshed to distract American voters from the misery he has sown here at home. And, just as important to vermin like Mr. Biden, mayhem and bloodshed abroad are sweet, rotten carrion for the lobby vultures and defense buzzards forever perched on the marble parapets of government buildings all over Washington.

Whatever is lost in American blood and treasure is gained in silver in their pockets.

Mr. Biden is so delusional that just last week, he held a press conference to announce — despite all your misery — he has “outperformed what anybody thought would happen” during his first year in office.

Yes. He has “outperformed” former President Jimmy Carter in being the worst, most incompetent and insufferable president in American history.

You literally would not put Mr. Biden in charge of an ant farm. And now he wants to take us into war, with other people’s sons.

We saw what a disaster Mr. Biden was at ending the war in Afghanistan. Who on earth would trust him to start a new one?

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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