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Nuclear Option

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In 2004, then-Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry was determined to connect with the NASCAR demographic that he went goose hunting. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Remember the 'NASCAR Democrats?' Neither do they

- The Washington Times

To the credit of those old Democrats, at least they were slightly capable of self-awareness. This crowd today would march right down the throat of a flaming volcano if somebody told them that doing so would hurt President Trump.

Kangaroo court now calls Captain Kangaroo

- The Washington Times

Truth is, the vast majority of Americans could not tell John Bolton from Captain Kangaroo. (Upon further reflection, perhaps it is only appropriate that Captain Kangaroo be called before the kangaroo court that has taken over the "World's Greatest Deliberative Body.")

Impeachment manager Adam B. Schiff condemned the Senate on Tuesday for not issuing subpoenas he and his House colleagues refused to issue and lectured senators for not calling witnesses he himself had refused to call. (Associated Press)

Trump more popular than even a Schiff-less Congress

- The Washington Times

There is no amount of hyperventilating, hyperbole and flat-out lying that can paper over the disastrous case that House Democrats have asked the Senate to try in their effort to impeach President Trump, but Rep. Adam Schiff did his best,

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC is just one of the news wags who keep shouting "bombshell!" regarding supposedly nefarious behavior in Ukraine. (Associated Press)

Another dud in the string of bombshells

- The Washington Times

You have to pity the bombshell-shocked American citizen trying to take seriously all the "shocking," "stunning" and "bombshell" news coming out of Washington these days.

Scientist and author Matt Ridley is photographed during an interview on Friday, April 13, 2012, at St Pancreas Station in London. (Fiona Hanson/AP Images) **FILE**

Beware the miserable, regressive, leftist government central planners

- The Washington Times

Interestingly, all of the cures these con artists insist upon would cost massive amounts of money paid (by you) into government coffers controlled entirely by them. Also, every single one of these solutions would give these very same charlatans vast new powers unrivaled in human history to control every aspect of your life.

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