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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

President Biden on Tuesday said that even he’s bored of talking about his infrastructure law, which is his only big legislative win and his top talking point.

Speaking at a bioethanol plant in Menlo, Iowa, Mr. Biden outlined his infrastructure plan’s spending, including how it will rebuild waterway locks along the Mississippi River.

“The list goes on, I’m starting to bore myself here, but this is important, I think,” Mr. Biden told the crowd.

The Iowa trip kicked off a public relations blitz aimed at energizing Americans about his infrastructure program, though the talk about roads, bridges and broadband has been overshadowed by rising inflation and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Tuesday’s speech was Mr. Biden’s 11th to highlight the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan since it cleared Congress on Nov. 6, according to a count by The Washington Times.

The speeches are largely the same and most news networks have stopped airing them. Mr. Biden’s Iowa remarks were ignored by the networks as a deadly mass shooting on the New York subway dominated TV air time.

Some conservative outlets had fun with Mr. Biden’s admitting that he was bored talking about infrastructure. 

The Blaze, founded by conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, tweeted a clip of Mr. Biden’s remarks with the caption, “Biden says what we are all thinking.”

Mr. Biden visited Iowa to announce that the Environmental Protection Agency will issue a waiver lifting the ban on selling higher-ethanol gasoline blends in the summer to lower prices at the gas pump.

The Environmental Protection Agency will allow gasoline with 15% ethanol content, known as E15, to be sold between June 1 and September 15. The EPA is expected to issue an emergency waiver before June 1.

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