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Friday, March 26, 2021

In a rare break with party orthodoxy, the Philadelphia Democratic Party voted last week not to endorse the reelection bid of the city’s incumbent district attorney, Larry Krasner.

Mr. Krasner, who faces a May 14 primary in the overwhelmingly Democratic city, has emerged as one of the leaders of a new breed of left-wing prosecutors who have undertaken what they consider long-overdue reforms of racist judicial systems — a radical approach that critics contend has made cities across the country less safe.

The surprise vote, first reported by the local publication Broad + Liberty and then by Philadelphia radio stations, comes as Mr. Krasner finds himself also aggressively opposed by Protect Our Police, a PAC formed by angry police officers and former officers.

Mr. Krasner was elected in 2017 after PACs funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros put more than $1.4 million into his campaign, an unheard-of sum in Philadelphia district attorney races.

He thus became one of several district attorneys Mr. Soros’ various “Safety and Justice” PACs helped elect in Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis and other cities, all of which have seen surging murder rates and shootings during their time in office.

In Los Angeles, where George Gascon took over the top prosecutor’s job in January, a recall drive has already been launched, fueled in part by crime victims and their families who feel the new approach lacks empathy for their plight and has contributed to the crime spikes.

Philadelphia Democrats made their decision following a policy committee meeting Thursday night, according to the report. Mr. Krasner’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

“The kids are not safe, the seniors are not safe,” one party official was quoted as saying. “I don’t feel safe letting my kid go to the 7-Eleven to get a tank of gas.”

Mr. Krasner faces opposition in the Democratic primary from Carlos Vega, a veteran prosecutor who was one of dozens Mr. Krasner fired immediately upon taking office.

POP PAC, which also did not respond Friday to a request for comment, has not endorsed a candidate in the race thus far but Philadelphia’s traditional cop group, the local Fraternal Order of Police, has endorsed Mr. Vega.

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