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Friday, February 14, 2020

President Trump took credit Friday for his handling of the coronavirus, saying he’s managed to repel it despite grumbles over his decision to set up travel restrictions.

He cited a Gallup poll that found six in 10 people approve of his response to the outbreak from China.

“We took some criticism. Now, everyone’s saying that we did a good job,” Mr. Trump told the National Border Patrol Council.


The virus known as COVID-19 is battering China but has sickened only 15 people in the U.S., with no deaths.

Mr. Trump said American patients are getting better and that a “very capable” Chinese President Xi Jinping will be able to deal with the outbreak.

Mr. Trump issued a 14-day quarantine order on citizens returning to the U.S. from Hubei Province, the Chinese region at the epicenter of the virus. Citizens who’ve been to the rest of China must self-monitor at home for two weeks.

Yet Mr. Trump also banned foreign nationals who’ve traveled within China within the past 14 days.

Mr. Trump on Friday repeated his belief that warmer weather will kill the virus.
Scientists say coronaviruses do, in fact, tend to be seasonal but that it’s too early to tell whether this one will disappear by spring.

“There’s a theory that in April, when it gets warm, historically that has been able to kill the virus,” Mr. Trump said. “We don’t know yet, we’re not sure yet, but that’s around the corner, so that will be a great thing in China and other places.”

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