- The Washington Times
Monday, January 7, 2019

The White House may assert executive privilege to withhold sections of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report from Congress and the public, according to a report Monday.

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudolph Giuliani told Bloomberg News that the administration will look at the report to see if there is a “valid claim” of executive privilege. Specifically, administration attorneys may block any information related to Mr. Trump’s time in the White House or the transition, Bloomberg reported.

“We reserve the right. We don’t know if we have to, but we haven’t waived,” Mr. Giuliani told the news outlet.

Mr. Giuliani also said the White House would be willing to mount a legal fight to keep certain matters out of the public view, if necessary, Bloomberg reported.

The report detailing Mr. Mueller’s investigation into allegations of ties between the Trump campaign and Russia and other crimes is expected to be completed in February.

There is no mandate that any part of Mr. Mueller’s final report be released to Congress or the public. Under federal law, the special counsel is only required to submit his report to Justice Department leaders.

However, Democrats have vowed to publicize the report’s findings. Rep. Adam Schiff, California Democrat, threatened last month to subpoena the report if the White House invokes executive privilege.

Mr. Trump has blasted the Mueller probe as a “hoax” and “witch hunt,” insisting he has done nothing wrong.

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