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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Marci Whitaker, the wife of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, accused two Slate journalists of “trying to destroy” her husband in an article they published Monday.

Mark Joseph Stern and Dahlia Litwick penned a story calling Mr. Whitaker a “historically awful attorney general” and “one of the least qualified individuals to serve as attorney general in American history.”

Mrs. Whitaker sent an email to Mr. Stern, which was published Thursday by Slate, accusing the journalists of unfairly targeting her husband.

“I cannot understand the zeal in trying to destroy an individual who has done nothing to deserve this tearing down. Someone who has never had an ethics complaint. Someone who supported his family though a variety of enterprises, some more successful than others, but never sinister or shady,” she wrote.

President Trump appointed Mr. Whitaker as a temporary replacement for ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He later nominated former Attorney General William Barr to reclaim the post he held during the George H.W. Bush presidency.

In addition to attacking his credentials, the journalists called his prosecution of an openly gay lawmaker when he was U.S. Attorney in Iowa as “vindictive and possibly homophobic.”

Ms. Whitaker wrote in the email that there is “zero evidence’ that her husband is homophobic.

She also dismissed notions that her husband was selected because of comments he made as a CNN analyst criticizing special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Sure, imply that he got the current appointment because of something he said over a year prior before he worked for anyone. The particularly on television part – LOL. What does that even mean? Nothing, that’s what,” she wrote.

Mrs. Whitaker concluded her email by saying that she is worried the claims raised in the Slate article could follow him once he leaves office.

“He’s also going to be back in the private sector at some point. It is small comfort to me that the people who will want to work with him in the future are, let’s hope, really unlikely readers of Slate and similar publications,” she wrote.

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