- The Washington Times
Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Voter turnout in Johnson County, Indiana, was so heavy Tuesday morning that it caused the voting machines to crash as citizens eagerly lined up to cast their midterm election ballots.

About 11 a.m. Tuesday voting machines in the central Indiana county could not connect to the electronic poll books, the Indianapolis Star reported.

“It’s being worked on. Some are working slowly and we’re getting by,” Phil Barrow, a Johnson County election board member, told the paper. “Voting is just so heavy, it’s overloaded our service provider. They are having problems throughout the state.”

Voters told the Star they had to wait inline for up to 50 minutes in order to cast their ballot, sometimes taking as long as four minutes to process one voter.

Despite the confusion, Johnson County Election officials will not seek a court order extending voting hours, the Star reported. Mr. Barrow said such action, which requires a court order, is unnecessary because voting ran smoothly once the machines were back online.

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