Thursday, March 9, 2017


I am pleased that President Trump is addressing the bathroom law (“Trump’s order gives a boost to bathroom bills in 12 states,” Web, Feb. 23). There are stalls in men’s restrooms for men who want to be women. A women’s restroom is the only public private area where no man should ever be allowed.

Washington state’s Human Rights Commission wrote the unconstitutional, special-rights, anti-women law allowing men into women’s restrooms. It gave no consideration to women’s safety. When Madame Chiang Kai-shek spoke before U.S. legislators in the 1930s, she stated, “That which is morally incorrect can never be politically correct.”

Predators go where they can find victims. Washington bathroom hate law is a gift to all predators and it unconsciously victimizes women. Any man can put on a dress and enter a women’s restroom. Washington serial killer Ted Bundy was known to wear a dress. Did he easily find victims in women’s restrooms while dressed as a woman? When social hysteria and women’s rights collide, women lose.

Women are modest and need their privacy. Third-world countries recognize this and have made certain their women are safe. Not the United States, though.

I write this letter as a victim of a man dressed as a woman in a women’s restroom. Where was the illustrious governor of Washington state or national lawmakers/politicians to protect me in my own restroom?

Women are the forgotten victims. Any country that refuses to recognize the worth, dignity and rights of women is obsolete. How obsolete the United States has become.


Spokane Valley, Wash.

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