Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Charles Hurt’s column (“There are no decent plans in Congress, just lies, intraparty squabbling,” Web, Aug. 28) succinctly nails the many absurdities Washington has been foisting on the American people since the November 2016 election. One of these is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell mocking the president’s “excessive” expectations. Sen. McConnell is so completely disconnected from the will of the American electorate that it never occurred to him the president’s posture could simply be mirroring its expectations.

Or maybe he just doesn’t care. Can you think of a more perfect illustration of Beltway officious arrogance than the specter of the government’s lead senator mocking the hopes and wishes of the American people? Imagine that the CEO of a large, publicly traded corporation addressed the annual meeting of stockholders regarding customer dissatisfaction with the headline product by declaring: “Our customers are naive. They do not understand our business. They think our product can be improved simply by snapping our fingers.” That CEO would be toast before the emergency meeting of the board. Perhaps Mr. McConnell’s arrogance has numbed him to the specter of his own termination.

Congressional Republicans should not be deluded into believing the mainstream-media misdirect that it is the president’s performance, and not their own, which is earning the contempt of the American people. The American people know on whose side the president stands, and it is with them. They have also seen where Congress stands, and it’s certainly not with them or their president. Ask not for whom the bell tolls


Abingdon, Md.

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