- The Washington Times
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Democratic assemblyman who represents the Las Vegas district was booted from the state Legislature following an arrest on charges of threatening the speaker and then his wife.

Assemblyman Steven Brooks, 40, was arrested Jan. 19 on felony charges of threatening Assembly Democratic Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, according to a report in Raw Story. A few days later, out on bail, he was then detained by police for a domestic disturbance at his grandmother’s house, the report continues.

Nevada lawmakers then decided to boot him from the Democratic caucus.

But his troubles continues; according to a police report, Mr. Brooks then allegedly attempted to choke his wife outside their Las Vegas home. Raw Story says he was arrested Sunday for that incident, which also included his attempt to punch police.

Monday, the Legislature signaled they’d had enough. Lawmakers quickly amended rules to block Mr. Brooks from entering the state building while the investigation continues, Raw Story reported.

“We are concerned about the safety of people in the legislative buildings, as well as his ability to serve,” said Assembly Majority Leader William Horne, as cited in the Raw Story report. “It’s more than a distraction here for us being able to conduct our business.”

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