The Washington Times - October 15, 2009, 08:26AM

From oysters to chili peppers, everybody has their own ideas about what constitutes an aphrodisiac — food that increases sexual desire.

But has noted foods that might dampen the libido and has assembled a list of “anaphrodisiacs” that could cause a chill in the bedroom, if not the kitchen. For example:


Corn Flakes. John Harvey Kellogg invented the cereal with the belief  that a bland breakfast food would encourage abstinence. And if you’re serving Corn Flakes on a date, you should expect to sleep alone.

Licorice. Eating too much of it can slow desire in men and women. Even if you get it in whips.

Okra. A vegetable with its own hair can do nothing to encourage the libido — or the appetite.

Soy and cilantro. Monks ingest these to stave off sexual desire. So that soy-and-cilantro okra risotto is just a big buzz kill.