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Topic - Palestinian Territories

The Palestinian territories or occupied Palestinian territories (OPT or oPt) comprise the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip. Since 1993, following the Oslo Accords, parts of the territories politically came under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian National Authority; since 2007, the Gaza Strip did violently split from the Palestinian Authority, governing the area of Gaza independently since. Israel still exercises full Israeli civil control over 61 % of the West Bank (Area C) and military control over all Palestinian territories. - Source: Wikipedia

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Then, 72 years ago last week, three events took place almost simultaneously: The British departed Palestine, Israelis declared independence, and the armies of Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq — themselves European creations carved from the defeated Ottoman empire and caliphate — attempted to erase the re-born Jewish state from the map.

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After the nuclear talks were over, I heard that the Zionists in occupied Palestine had said: 'In the meantime, thanks to the results of the talks, we will have 25 years of quiet regarding the problem of Iran. After 25 years, we will think of something.'

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