Joe Biden ran a successful campaign for his current office by pledging to end the chaos of the Trump years and mend the body politic. We now see that this was a bait-and-switch operation and it has served us poorly (“Rick Scott goes Ronald Reagan and slays NAACP with humor,” web, May 24).

President Biden and his political adjuncts, such as the NAACP, have fostered a national conversation about race every bit as contentious as former President Donald Trump’s. From his statement that Republicans want to put African Americans in chains to his recent hyperbole that White supremacy is America’s greatest domestic threat, Mr. Biden has created a rift in our social fabric, a deep crevasse that belies his claims of healing our country.

The ferocity of his lies about the GOP staggers most moderate Americans, even Democrats, but those who have something to gain from the intemperate political moment may assured a forum. Thus, the NAACP and its rush to tar Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with the Biden brush.



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